Public service announcement.

Volume 1 has been edited, and so the pdf/epubs are ready to be released… As soon as I can get my hands on the pdf/epubs makers. Volume 1 PDF is now out. Also keep checking for errors, it’s entirely possible the editors may have missed a few things here and there. (If there are still mistakes then all editors on staff will be put into a cardboard box and forced to read slice of life till their eyes bleed.)

I recommend getting the pdf, since all pdfs will have cleaned and translated illustrations the site may or may not have, subject to me remembering to put them in. (I did for volume 1).


Like this.

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2 thoughts on “Public service announcement.

  1. Typo in page 15 paragraph 4. “Wha tusually” is probably not correct.

    Btw any reason for not fully justifyibg the text?

    Lastly what is the preferred way of giving feedback?

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