Chapter 6-1

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Frey hadn’t just brought along her Garm automata. Security personnel had arrived as well, putting Raishin on a stretcher and bringing him towards the medical faculty. Yaya and Henri both accompanied him, leaving only Loki and Cherubim behind.

Frey trotted over to Loki’s side and stared up at him.

Her gaze made him feel uncomfortable, and Loki bluntly spoke.

“What? Shouldn’t you be over there with that half-dead twit?”

“Uu… I’m sorry. I-if only I had… been quicker bringing them here…”

Her head sank downwards gloomily.

“Even though I’m Loki’s older sister… I couldn’t be of any use…”

“Don’t butt in into fights. Even if you were here, you’d only be a hindrance.”

Frey sank further into deeper gloom.

“Well, I mean… It’s not in my nature to fight while protecting someone else.”

Frey raised her head.

Loki’s words were extremely awkward. Even though his tone was cold, there was a hidden something inside them. Previously, Frey wasn’t able to understand what Loki was actually thinking, but now she was able to see through his words.

Loki didn’t want to put Frey in any sort of danger.

Frey slowly straightened up, and gave Loki a small kiss on his cheek.

“Wh- wha- what are you trying to do?!”

Loki was flustered. Unlike his normal cool self, his current state of consternation was plain for all to see.

It was completely natural for siblings to do something as simple as a peck on the cheek, but it had been a long time since the two of them had done anything like that.

“Thank you, Loki, for protecting Raishin.”

“Kimberly twisted my arm into doing it. Your thanks are not necessary!”

Violently protesting, he stormed off away from Frey in what appeared to be anger.

Cherubim whirred and clanked and it followed behind him.

“… Do you have something you want to say, Cherubim?”

[No… No… I’m ready.]

It was a plain, monotonous reply. He felt like it was laughing though. Was it his imagination?

Feeling a little vexed, Loki swung his crutch wildly, kicking a paving stone away.

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3 thoughts on “Chapter 6-1

  1. Not sure how serious you are about the rudeness part, but this is only part of a chapter I assume since the rest of the parts aren’t translated yet? So we don’t know how long the whole thing is. Plus I don’t recall him getting paid to do this, so as much as I want to read asap, I also appreciate the FREE translation services. Again, if that was all sarcasm, I just didn’t catch it.

    But on another note THANKS was really exited to see what happens since this is about where the anime “stops”

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