Chapter 6-1

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The beast unleashed a howl. In that instant, magic energy was gathered, and a mortar-like attack was unleashed.

Loki and Cherubim jumped to evade, and the bullets raining down scattered amongst the battle field, some crashing into the stone pillars which marked the boundary of the field. Fragments of stone were dislodged by the impact, one cutting Charl on her face.

(Just what is that..!?)

Charl’s eyes were rooted to the ongoing battle. Rabi was pushing forwardly relentlessly, the fight turning one-sidedly in his favour. A charge forward, followed up by a cannon blast. Against Rabi’s rapid barrage, Cherubim could do nothing but side step each shot.

Because Rabi was using up a lot of energy, Frey’s skin continued to tear and she continued to bleed.

By this time Frey could no longer walk. She was crouched on the field, writhing in agony.

Hovering over Charl’s head, Sigmund whispered in a low voice.

“This isn’t good. Frey’s magic energy is being forcibly drawn out of her.”

“Forcibly… what will happen?”

“If this continues, that girl will die!”

Rabi was still raging about, attacking Cherubim furiously. Suddenly though, his ankles were slashed by short swords.

Cherubim’s short swords had extended out in all directions, and unable to withstand them, Rabi was forced to retreat.

The eight short swords were floating in mid-air; with Loki in the heart of it, they were slowly rotating around him.

“That’s the ‘Barrier of Swords’…!”

That was the reason why Loki was considered a direct rival to the Magnus. It was a barrier that automatically attacked any intruder that came within its zone of control.

The moment Rabi put a foot forward, the blades moved sharply, mercilessly slicing it.

The blades pierced through, penetrating the leg and causing bits of flesh to fly out. However-

Near the site of the wound, bubbles of foam were forming, healing Rabi’s injury.

What amazing regenerative ability! Nonetheless, that regeneration looked to come at a cost. Absorbing the wound in place of Rabi, more blood spilled out of Frey’s body, evaporating and changing into the black mist.

(Her blood is  being converted into magic energy…!)

Fresh blood was excellent material for magic arts, due to its high purity. It was akin to burning with gasoline. Whether it was due to a special mechanism, or some magic art, her blood was forcibly being converted.

It went without saying of course, that there was a fatal limit to how much blood could be converted. At the rate things were going, Frey was sure to die!

“Cherubim, halt!”


Having received Loki’s command, Cherubim ceased its attack.

This was an opening for Rabi to escape, but escape was the last thing on the current Rabi’s mind.

Charging forward like a bullet, he fiercely head butted Cherubim, sending it flying. Rolling with the momentum, he flew onto Loki, mounting the youth.

Baring his fangs, Rabi tried to crush Loki’s windpipe. Loki had both hands wrapped around Rabi’s neck, pushing him back. However, Loki’s strength was only human. His hands couldn’t hold the dog back for long!

“Uu… Rabi… Don’t…!”

Her blood flowing, Frey cried out. However, Rabi didn’t, or couldn’t hear her words. Unable to keep still, Charl started moving towards Frey.

“Wait, Charl. What do you plan on doing?”

Sigmund dug his claws into her beret. Charl’s reply was laced with irritation,

“No matter how you look at it that’s not normal! Noblesse Oblige requires me to save a life if I—“

“You can’t!”

It wasn’t just Sigmund. Another different voice restrained Charl.

“Know your place, Charlotte.”

Turning her head around, Kimberly was standing behind her.

“The only ones allowed onto the stage of the Night Party are those who have been summoned. Your turn is still a long ways off… To go up on stage even though you haven’t been called is considered ill-mannered.”

“But, Professor! This isn’t the time or place to be saying that!”

“Don’t worry, just relax. There’s someone else more qualified than you to help that’s here after all.”

Kimberly grinned. She was staring past Charl, her gaze on something on the field.

With a bad feeling in her heart, Charl turned to look.

That’s right. Tonight, there was only one more person who could be on the stage of the Night Party.

Sliding past the motionless Cherubim, something was running.

That something kicked Rabi off, releasing Loki.

Using the momentum to bounce off, it jumped backward. The mysterious shadow split into two, and each both landed.

One of them was a top-class automaton with beautiful black hair. And, the identity of the other-

“… That. Foolish. Idiot!”

Steam was rising from Charl’s head.

That idiot had a grin on his face, and spoke with a carefree attitude.

“Allow me to join in. After all, I don’t have a partner for this dance.”

Standing right in the middle of the battlefield was the person who was supposed to be heavily injured, none other than Second Last.

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