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Hello, Kaitou Reiji here.

This is my first book with Media Factory Bunko J. Here’s to a long and successful run!

Now then, you, the person who saw the oriental goth loli on the cover and reach out for this book without thinking!

From the moment in time you were moved by this picture, you became a bro. What do you say we go out for a drink Since we’re on the same wavelength, if you’re reading this in the aisle buy the book please ❤

This story is about a so called [Magic Academy]. The setting of the series is the dawn of the 20th century, where puppeteers have made their presence felt. The best puppeteers participate in a zero-sum game whereby they take part in night fights inside the academy… which is actually a reflection of the author’s own interests.

Although the series takes place in the previous century, the characters speak modern language. It’s a specific style of writing. It’s called [Kaitou Reiji can only write modern Japanese], so please try to understand.

Also, the cover girl is a yandere… or rather, that was the plan, but by the time I noticed it she gave off more of a Yarare(injured) feel. People who like injured girls definitely check out this series!

The wonderful illustrations were done by the fantastic Ruroo-san.

Quite honestly, Ruroo-san’s work is worth its weight in how much he’s getting paid. Both Yaya and Charl are very cute. This author saw the SD art on the next page and he almost died from the moe overload.

During the busy moments, the one who calms me down with unerring precision when I’m recklessly overdoing it is Ruroo-san. Actually, that’s not all… The truth is, Raishin being used by the military, Shouko’s eyepatch glasses, and Charl’s motif as a falconer, all these were Ruroo-san’s ideas.

“That’s brilliant! I’m taking that idea for myself!”

Every time I received a brilliant idea, I’d quickly insert it into the book.

This was my first time experiencing such a deep level of exchange between the illustrator and the author. Thanks to that though, I was able to go deeper into the roots of the series, bringing the world from just a simple flat setting to a gorgeous world filled with details. The reason why you’re able to visualise the world so easily was all due to Ruroo-san’s efforts, so I have to thank him from the bottom of my heart.

Also, this work doesn’t just have visuals, it has a soundtrack to go along with it.

Somehow, I’ve managed to land an image CD for this work!ma9_263

The composer is SPiCa’s Toku P-san. To be quite frank, it’s super cool. At this point in time of writing the afterword, the lyrics aren’t quite finished yet, but the song is already stuck in my head on endless repeat. Can’t wait for the finished version~

Finally, I have to say a very huge thank you to the person in charge, Shouji-san. I’ve made it!

At our first meeting,

“I want to do something that’s very shounen manga-ish…” *trembles with fear*

“That’s fine! I also like Weekly Shounen Jump!”

Having got the ok in the first reply, I started doing a little dance without thinking.

If that moment in time didn’t happen, this work would have never seen the light of day. Actually, not just “seen the light of day”, this series would have never even been conceived!

There are also others whom without their support, I would have never started Unbreakable Machine Doll. I’m also excited to see how this story will unfold from here. However, whether or not the story will really unfold is something you, who are reading this afterword now, will have to wait to find out.

As long as you are supporting me, I will definitely give my 100% and then some. So—

See you again in Machine Doll 2!

October 2009
Kaitou Reiji

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