Chapter 7-2

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Concealing the sound of her footsteps, Frey quietly entered the ward.

The number of curtains surrounding the bed was four, but the number of fools present was none.

“If you’re looking for that idiot, he’s gone.”

A sudden voice called out to her from behind.

Turning her head around, there was a beautiful girl sitting in the corner. A little dragon was resting upon her head.

“Uu… You’re the T-Rex.”

Turning her head away with a “hmph”, there was a slight blush in her cheeks as Charl spoke.

“Your dog, I mean… how is he doing?”

Frey looked down, gripping the hem of her skirt.

Confronted with the unease she had been suppressing all this time, she couldn’t hold back her emotions as tears began to leak from her eyes.

“If Rabi dies… I… I’ll be left all alone…”

“… Hmph. You’re not alone. You never were.”

Surprised by her unexpected words, Frey looked up. Charl continued on, a little sullenly,

“Don’t you think there’s an important someone who’s been thinking about you all this time?”

“It seems ‘those who have it’ probably don’t know they do. Never mind that, let’s talk about that idiot.”

“Where… did he go?”

“Who knows? He could be at an orphanage somewhere, trying to steal something.”

Orphanage. Steal.

The meaning behind those words were all too clear to her.


“That’s exactly how I felt! But he’s that sort of person. He’s weak against a girl’s tears, and can’t bear to leave them just like that. Such a useless fellow.”

Although she was speaking ill of Raishin, the depths of Charl’s eyes had a gentle light in them.

“As it stands, he’s already close to dying. Furthermore, his plan on rescuing several automata is totally reckless. If the guards here or the professors were to find out, it would be curtains for him—“

“Unfortunately, I already know.”

Charl and Frey were paralysed in shock by the sudden voice.

Kimberly was standing in the doorway of the ward.

Her usual white coat was absent. Instead, she was wrapped in an unfamiliar gorgeous black mantle, which had a gold hem. The design was geometrically mysterious.

“Is it about my get-up? Obviously I’m going out of the academy. As a professor I have a responsibility to supervise my students. So now I’m going to discipline an idiot.”

—She was planning on following Raishin!

“Don’t make that face. I’m not planning on following him immediately. My current goal is to ensure his safety first.”

Charl and Frey simultaneously exchanged looks.

“Oho, I see you’re both extremely interested. If you can keep a few secrets, I’ll bring you guys along. How about it, Charlotte? Aren’t you worried about Second Last? Especially since you two have been so close recently.”

“Wh-wh-what makes you think that pervert and I are cl-close!?”

“So you’re not going?”

Hesitating a little, Charl eventually shook her head, saying in a clear voice.

“No. I have faith after all.”

“Aww, isn’t that sweet.”

“N-no! I’m not talking about that idiot; I have faith in the defensive amulet I gave him!”

“Frey, what about you?”

Frey turned to look in the direction of the doctor’s office, which was next to the ward.

Rabi was still unconscious. There was no telling if or when his condition would take a turn for the worse.

Still, even if that was the case.

She had an obligation to see with her own eyes what Raishin was doing.

Stiffly raising her head up, she replied with an “I’m going.”

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