Update History

1/16/2013 – Kikou Shoujo wa Kizutsukanai Translation Opened!
1/17/2013 – Volume 1 Prologue completed.
3/7/2013 Volume 2 Prologue and Chapter 1 migrated over
3/15/2013 Volume 2 Chapter 2 migrated over
4/3/2013 Volume 2 migrated over
4/5/2013 Volume 1 Chapter 1 completed
5/18/2013 Volume 2 migration complete
5/21/2013 Volume 3 Prologue and Chapter 1 migrated over
5/22/2013 Volume 1 Chapter 2 completed
6/2/2013 Volume 1 Chapter 3 completed
6/6/2013 Volume 1 Chapter 4 completed
6/27/2013 Volume 1 Chapter 5 completed
7/3/2013 Volume 1 Chapter 6 completed
7/10/2013 Volume 1 Chapter 7 completed
7/11/2013 Volume 1 completed
7/19/2013 Volume 3 Chapter 2 completed
9/14/2013 Volume 3 Chapter 3 completed
10/11/2013 Volume 3 Chapter 4 completed
2/6/2014 Volume 3 Chapter 5 completed


19 thoughts on “Update History

  1. I found out about this particular Novel series after I had a chance to watch a few episodes of the anime. While I am not overly impressed with the anime itself (with way too much emphasis on Yaya’s Ero moments rather than a well rounded look at all characters,) I am quite interested in the Novels after reading the three volumes that you have traslated thus far (quite impressive to say the least.)

    Looking forward to the next update.

  2. Just got here and I’ve come to stay, hope this translation continues and thank you for giving the chance to read and follow this story. Thank you.

  3. Randomly decided to check in on this today, of all days…and there was an update. Crazy instincts aside, thank you for your work~<333

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