Chapter 3-2

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An elegant three-storied building was standing at the edge of the forest.

It looked like the estate of a noble. With a refined exterior and superb craftsmanship, this was the Griffon dormitory for the female students. Only the best and brightest were allowed to take up residence in these halls.

On the 3rd floor, resting on a ledge of a window, Sigmund was closing his eyes.

He was basking in the Sun. Although it was close to summer, there was still a refreshing breeze blowing, so the air was chilly. Despite that, Sigmund stretched his wings out in content.


Suddenly, someone called out to him from below.

Looking down, he saw a black haired girl looking up.

Clad in an elegant kimono, it was an oriental automaton. The details on the external appearance were exquisite, making her look the spitting image of a human.

Sigmund flew down towards her.

“What’s wrong, Yaya? It’s rare for you to be alone by yourself.”

“Where’s Charlotte…?”

“She’s sleeping. She couldn’t get much sleep last night.”

The reason was the Night Party. Even though it wasn’t her turn to enter the battle yet, Charl was still nervous about it. The reason was obviously because she was worried about Raishin- but he didn’t say that to Yaya.

It didn’t seem to have crossed Yaya’s mind and instead she was hanging her head with a dejected look on her face.

“Hm. You look down. Did something happen?”


Yaya silently gripped the hem of her kimono.

“Why don’t we sit down first?”

He pointed over to a bench in the yard. Following his advice, Yaya sat down on it.

Flapping his wings, Sigmund flew over and landed next to her.

“What’s wrong? You came to talk about something right?”

Yaya didn’t reply. He decided to change the topic.

“Where’s Raishin?”

This time, there was a response. After hesitating for a while, Yaya spoke.

“Something came up… so he went out for a bit.”

“I see. So he went to investigate more about Frey?”

Yaya flinched visibly.

“I thought so. And you obviously have a problem with that, but you don’t know what to do with those feelings.”

“But that’s because…! The Night Party is tonight. Raishin crossed the ocean just for this occasion. And then at such an important time, no matter what kind of order comes, he shouldn’t have to… Also, Raishin is too nice to that vixen. Even though she’s tried to kill him…!”

The dissatisfaction in her tone gradually lost force, and her words trailed off.

Yaya wasn’t angry. It was a mixture of jealousy and anxiety, and it was clearly eating away at her.

The look on her face now was exactly the same as it would be on a human girl.

The tone in her voice suddenly changed as she half sighed a question out,

“Sigmund, have you ever thought: I want to be human?”

“Hm. That’s a stupid question— but dismissing it like that would be too simple. From the way you phrased the question, you’ve obviously thought about becoming human, right?”

“Human girls are… unfair. If Yaya… If Yaya was human too… then…”

She hung her head. Tears were forming around the edges of her eyes.

“If you were a human girl, you wouldn’t be able to protect Raishin.”


“You wouldn’t be able to become his shield, and you certainly wouldn’t be able to become his sword either.”

Biting her lip, Yaya looked at Sigmund with a pained expression.

“You are a splendid automaton. In fact, you’re probably a one off model in terms of construction. I don’t know Raishin’s goals— it certainly isn’t an ordinary one, since he’s aiming for the Wiseman’s seat. Since he has chosen you to be by his side, doesn’t it mean you’re vital for the Night Party?”


“Your role isn’t something any girl can perform. And right now, the thing Raishin needs the most isn’t a normal girl that’s a dime a dozen, but rather, an existence like yours.”

Sigmund asked to confirm it,

“Knowing all that, do you still wish to be human?”


Her brow furrowed, as she continued,

“…is fine as an automata.”

She lightly smiled. It was a smile filled with sadness, a little clarity and also a little pain.

“Even if Raishin won’t look at Yaya anymore, Yaya will still aid him. Even if Raishin becomes infatuated with a human girl, and totally stops caring about Yaya. Even if he does things like holding hands with a vixen, or kissing her, or have a secret affair…”

Gripping the bench tightly, Yaya began to tear pieces off it.

“Calm down. Don’t destroy the school property.”

“I can’t bear it after all!!”

Her hair rising up, she howled towards the heavens.

Faltering in the face of Yaya’s malice-filled strength, Sigmund spoke,

“You are extremely humanlike, and Raishin is a man who treats automaton fairly. From my point of view, the reason why he’s not yielding to your charms is not a problem of whether you’re human or automaton… you see?”

Yaya tilted her head, slightly confused.

“What do you mean?”

“In other words, this might be a little delicate but your human nature is a little— Get down!”


She didn’t make it in time. With a dull and heavy sound, something hit Yaya directly.

It was an attack akin to an enormous hammer blow.

A large amount of blood spurted out like a fountain all over the place as Yaya was smashed through the bench and sent flying back quite a distance.

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  1. I don’t know Raishin’s goals— it certainly isn’t an ordinary one —>I don’t know Raishin’s goal— it certainly isn’t an ordinary one

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