Chapter 7-1

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A little while before Raishin charged into the orphanage—

In a street that was deathly silent, Komurasaki was hopping about from roof to roof.

Komurasaki’s senses were superior to wild animals. Even the darkness of night couldn’t slow her down. Although she was nowhere near Yaya, her body was still lighter than most humans around that size. With her light body almost floating in the air, she leapt with sure-footed steps, rushing over to the academy.

Using her heightened sense of perception she quickly identified the places where security was lacking. She could have used her hidden form on herself, but it was better to be safe than sorry. Sneaking through a gap between the sentries, she stealthily slipped into the academy grounds.

Sprinting up the main street, the figure of Raishin soon came into sight.

Something had been wrapped around Yaya’s arm. Raishin soon noticed her presence.

“Thanks for coming Komurasaki. This request might be a bit sudden, but I need you to lend me your strength.”

“… What did Shouko say?”

“This is a secret from Shouko.”

‘Eh, but then…”

She glanced behind the both of them.

Blending in with a dark grove of trees, a silver-haired maiden— Irori was standing there.

Raishin’s face stiffened. However, Irori spoke in a tone that seemed more like she was talking to herself.
“I didn’t see anything.”

“… I owe you, Irori. Well then Komurasaki, please.”

Turning to face Komurasaki, he clapped his hands together, assuming the begging posture.

Honestly speaking, going behind Shouko’s back without getting her opinion was a scary thing to do. However—

“… Well, if Raishin puts it that way…”

The afternoon’s incident had affected her. She knew the military was just using Raishin as a decoy so they could move freely, yet she didn’t tell him. In the end, Raishin had to watch Yomi die, and it had hurt him.

That feeling of culpability had been weighing heavily on Komurasaki ever since.

Receiving magic energy from Raishin, it was converted into a moderate wavelength, activating the Yaegasumi circuit. The magic art came into effect, enveloping Raishin and Yaya within.

Ordinary people were now no longer able to detect even the slightest hint of their presence.

“Thanks a lot. Let’s go, Yaya.”


The two of them dashed off. Watching the two of them disappear, a slight feeling of loneliness crept in.

Sharply picking up on her little sister’s emotions, Irori approached her.

“What’s wrong, Komurasaki?”

“… Hey sis, I was thinking. Wouldn’t it be great if I had battle capability as well?”

“Don’t say that. You and I both have our own roles to perform.”

“So what’s mine?”

“Well, because you’re around, our master can freely go where she pleases. It’s a role you’ve been performing splendidly thus far.”

“Then, what’s your role, sis?”

“… Let’s see, well, for the moment. . .”

Ever so slightly, an unusually gentle smile broke out on her face as Irori spoke.

“I’m the one going to ask our master to forgive Raishin for what he’s about to do.”

Holding hands, the two sisters walked off into the darkness.

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  1. ‘Eh, but then…” —> “Eh, but then…”
    Let’s see, well, for the moment. . .” —> Let’s see, well, for the moment…”

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