Chapter 6-1

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The previous night.

After inspecting the devoured automaton, Lisette called out to Raishin just as he was about to go off.

She informed him of the dangers of associating with Tyrant Rex and warned him to be careful. She also told him that Sigmund was a Bandoll.

Shortly after that.

“Do you have any questions so far?”

“Yeah, I—“

The youth in front of her spoke lightly— but his eyes had a sharp glint as he spoke.

“Why were you there when Cannibal Candy was devouring his prey?”

They gazes clashed with each other. She could feel her eyebrow start to twitch. Lisette pushed her glasses up the bridge of her nose, replying him with her face hidden.

“Are you trying to say I’m Cannibal Candy?”

“But you were there, weren’t you?”

“No. I just received the report and dashed quickly to the scene. By the time I reached though, Cannibal Candy had already disappeared.”

“Oh? I was under the impression that you had seen the moment of the attack.”

“… Why would you think that?”

“Hm. Is that so? I see.”

“Please stop with your insinuations. It is extremely upsetting.”

Raishin gave her a sidelong glance. It was a strong stare, the weight of which caused a shiver of fear to run down her spine which she couldn’t supress.

“You identified one of the devoured puppets as the morning star wielder, didn’t you?”

“… I did.”

“How did you know that? The face was smashed in; you shouldn’t have been able to identify it at all.”

“Anyone who saw it would have come to the same conclusion. There was that unique iron ball—“

“Which was smashed into the legs of the devoured puppet, wasn’t it?”

Lisette was taken aback. She finally realised what Raishin was implying.

“Yes, it looks like you get it now. Anyone who saw that situation would normally assume that the morning star wielder was the one who attacked. For anyone to conclude that the weapon had been turned against the user himself, you’d have to have some form of advance knowledge. Like— if you already knew that the devoured puppet was the morning star wielder from the very beginning… for example.

“… That’s if you thought about it normally.”

Desperately trying to keep her voice from trembling, Lisette made her counter argument.

“I didn’t think that the perpetrator would leave behind specific evidence that would be incriminating. If Cannibal Candy was using something, he surely would have taken it with him when he left.”

“Is that so? He looks to be more of the sort who leaves his leftovers lying about as they were.”

“That in itself isn’t something considered unique to his M.O.”

“So that was the logic behind your conclusion.”

“Stop trying to find faults where they aren’t! I’m totally innocent!”

Raishin wryly laughed and raised both hands in a gesture of peace.

‘Don’t get so worked up. It’s just a doubt that’s been bothering me for a while.”

Turning away, he started walking in an unguarded manner.

“That’s all I wanted to ask you. Well then— oh, right.”

He stopped. Turning his head over his shoulder.

“I think you’ve misunderstood something. At no point did I ever say that you were Cannibal Candy.”


“I just asked if you were there.”

“It appears I was mistaken.”

With an irritating laugh, Raishin left the room.

Lisette bit her lip tightly— and in the next instant, she lashed out at the teacher’s lectern.

The lectern crumbled easily, the wreckage scattering about on the floor.

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2 thoughts on “Chapter 6-1

  1. replying him with her face hidden. —> replying to him with her face hidden.
    They gazes clashed with each other. —> Their gazes clashed with each other.
    very beginning… for example. —> very beginning… for example.”
    ‘Don’t get so worked up. —> “Don’t get so worked up.

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