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Good afternoon, Kaitou Reiji here.

Thank you for reading the centrepiece (it’s a lie) of this month’s releases by MF Bunko J.

This might be a bit sudden, but please take a reaaaally close look at the cover girl.

The truth is this time, I issued out the order to the Flat Master Ruroo-san for the “boing boing”. Woooah. So, to all the fans of Ruroo-san, you may now worship the foolhardy control of both me and Shouji-san- Ahh, don’t stone us.

Speaking of foolhardiness, this time around I wanted to do a robot which could transform no matter what.

In order to persuade those around me, I decided to construct a 3D model. Starting from the state of “A polygon? What’s that, something delicious?” three days later I had managed to make a crude animation. Maybe they’ll be moved by my tenacity- I pathetically thought- Shouji-san was half-hearted about giving me the sign to go ahead. In the end though, Ruroo-san submitted a cool design. Cherubim is very cool you know.

Of course, other than Cherubim, Ruroo–san has helped me a lot.

For the table of contents he made the SD character cuter, on the frontispiece cuter, in the character introduction he made Raishin cuter, Loki cuter- wait, he’s just making everything cuter isn’t he!

Giving Frey a muffler was Ruroo-san’s idea. After pitching the idea that the cover art should have chains involved, I knew I’d have to work it somehow into the first scene of the book.

Moving on, let’s talk about this book.

At first, the story was all over the place, with several disjointed parts. Seeing as I was in trouble, Ruroo-san pointed out the mistakes, giving a proper backbone to the story.

Wait… We’re talking about the theme of the book right?! How did we come to me relying on the illustrator again!?

Thank you Ruroo-san! I’ll put in more effort so don’t abandon meee!

Time for a special notice. Unbreakable Machine Doll has started monthly serialisation in Comic Alive!

Takagi Hakaru-san is the artist. The style may be different from Ruroo-san, but both Yaya and Sigmund have been skilfully drawn so that they’re still very cute~ Getting my work turned into a comic has been a dream of mine ever since I was an amateur, but if I let myself enjoy this too much I’m gonna be in trouble…!

Considering that only two books have been released thus far, the speed at which things are progressing is really strange. This is probably thanks to Shouji-san risking his life to extend his love attack in all directions, hm.

I have really no idea when Shouji-san actually rests… or should I say, he doesn’t rest at all. When Kaitou Reiji is hunting dinosaurs, or playing with transformable robots, Shouji-san is actively working hard at his job. Shouji-san! Thank you so much! But please rest! If not I’ll feel very guilty!

Also, just yesterday, the single MACHINE DOLL, sung by Harada Hitomi-san, started going on sale.
Strong yet ephemeral, her mellow vocals has enchanted this author. As always, it’s constantly on my playlist so I keep hearing the song. Harada-san is an angel!

The wonderfully sweet lyrics were written by the songwriter Linden-san, and they are, they are amazing… they have a deep meaning to them (It’s like the promise of progress from hereon after).
Those of you who are interested should definitely check it out. You can also listen to it on the official site.

Even though I stumbled through Machine Doll initially, right now this enormous energy seems to be swelling up inside me. However, if it weren’t for you all who read the books, then all the energy inside would have been blown away as quickly as it formed.

That’s why I will do my best as well. This energy within me doesn’t feel like it’s about to stop, so I will continue to write with all my strength, so please continue to treat me favourably!

Well then, let’s meet again in Unbreakable Machine Doll 3!

February 2010
Kaitou Reiji

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