Chapter 6-4

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In front of the gravestone shaped building— the Locker, there was a bit of a commotion going on.

The person in the middle of the commotion was none other than Raishin. He was currently receiving first aid— He was being swathed in bandages roughly and indiscriminately.

Surrounding him was the guards and some disciplinary committee members. While treating him, some of them went to check up on the damage done inside.

Raishin was completely limp as they did as they pleased to his body. His eyes were half opened, but there was no light in his pupils. After they finished first aid he was loaded onto a stretcher, all the while his body not even giving the slightest twitch.

“That’s quite an awful racket going on over there. Is there some kind of festival happening that I don’t know about?”

Their killing intent immediately honed in on the voice. Ignoring those gazes like it was something none of her concern, a woman causally strolled up to them from a small path. Wearing an educator’s uniform, she was a tall lady with a white coat.

“Professor Kimberly… why are you here?”

Someone spoke up. Kimberly had an air of nonchalance about her.

“I occasionally go for walks around the area.”

“Eh? You go for walks… at this hour?”

“I was forced to offer my expert opinion on something bothersome, so I thought I’d take a stroll in the night wind to refresh myself as a change of pace. It’s only logical, right?”

“Uh… I guess…”

Forcefully inserting herself inside the ring of people, she started laughing at the stretcher-bound Raishin.

“How unsightly, Second Last. You look terrible with those wounds.”

However, Raishin didn’t respond to her insults.

“Huh? Did he lose consciousness or something?”

“Yes. He was knocked out.”

“To faint with his eyes half open… such a creepy fellow. Hm… his breathing is shallow, and his body temperature is low.”

Touching Raishin’s skin, she immediately realised the danger he was in.

“If I’m not mistaken, his ribs have been broken. His lungs also have been punctured. Hurry up and move him.”

Having been alerted, the people handling the stretcher became slightly less rough with their handling. Although they definitely didn’t treat him like a fragile object. With Raishin swaying dangerously from side to side on the stretcher, they started transporting him to the doctor’s office.

Watching them depart with a grim face, Kimberly addressed her question to no one in particular.

“Was he lynched or something? His whole body has been battered up.”

“No, the one who did this was a third year student named Lisette Norden. Apparently, he was going to wreak havoc inside the lockers.”

“A one on one fight… and he was beaten up that badly?”

Her eyes widened in surprise. Kimberly grew restless as she asked,

“Where’s his automaton? She’s a short girl with black hair.”

“Ah, she’s right over there.”

“The guard pointed over to where a girl was being transported away, surrounded by the guards’ automata.

Her hands were bound behind her back, and she was being lifted up by her ankles. The nape of her neck to her back were covered in slash wounds, exposing red flesh beneath. There was a large amount of blood, and her entire body was covered in bruises. Kimberly was shocked by the fact there was blood and that her flesh could bleed. She was exactly like a human.

While looking at Yaya, Kimberly frowned.

“Hmph. It looks like this one’s half dead as well.”

“Ah, no, I mean… she was on a rampage, so we had to…”

Feeling a little guilty, the guard tried to explain it away.

“Rampage? Hmph… you say that, but I don’t see any wounds that are consistent with self-defence.”

On the contrary, it looked like she hadn’t resisted at all. The damage inflicted was limited to her back, with her arms and her face showing no wounds whatsoever. It looked like they had stealthily attacked her suddenly in order to avoid any hassle.

“Don’t you think you overdid it a little? Two level E capture rings, and three magic insulation codes— do you think you’re fighting a legendary dragon?”

“But we heard this automaton defeated ten Benchwarmers.”

While internally cursing them for playing it safe, Kimberly asked.

“What do you plan on doing with it?”

“We’ll bring it to the executive committee. Raishin Akabane may be related to Cannibal Candy in some way. He’ll have to be brought in for questioning.”

‘You think he’s in cahoots with Cannibal Candy?”

A dangerous presence filled the air. There was a piercing look in Kimberly eyes as she said,

“Was that supposed to be a joke? Is that kind of joke in vogue nowadays?”

“No, I mean, I ‘m not too sure on the details myself…”


Suddenly, Kimberly put her guard up. Twisting her upper body, she reached into her breast pocket. Her actions were almost mechanical in nature, like she was a soldier in the army and it had been rigorously drilled into her.

“Professor? What’s the matter?”

“Just now— that automaton moved, didn’t it?”

The guard turned around to look at Yaya, who was as lifeless as a dead fish on a cutting board, before uneasily refuting her.

“It couldn’t have. There’s no way it would be able to. Her ego has been sealed after all.”

“No, I could have sworn it moved.”

“You must have been seeing things, professor. Her magic energy has been completely cut off from her. In her current state, she wouldn’t even be able to talk. In the first place, her frame has already taken a considerable amount of damage—“

“Get back! Down on the ground now!”

As she shouted, Kimberly had already leapt backwards.

The guard couldn’t react. Barely had he turned his head around, when he was sent flying.

There was a loud sound of an explosion, and a bluish-white light shot out.

Colossal magic energy was leaking out from her. Something akin to hot air was being vented out from Yaya’s entire body into the surrounding atmosphere.

(What the hell…? This… this is like some sort of… monster…?”

Amidst the hot air, Kimberly could see Yaya tearing off her metal restraints as easily as they were made of paper.

Her silhouette was distorted because of the shimmering effect of the hot air.

The combustion of magic energy was intense. Like a gas burner, bluish-white flame was being shot upwards.

(There’s… a horn…?)

The moonlight bounced off it, giving it a pure white sparkle. It was on her brow, shimmering like it was made out of diamond. Without stopping to check her body, the atmosphere around Yaya began to tear as she moved.

Her figure was the spitting image of a yaksha.

An instant later, Yaya’s shadow had completely vanished—

Leaving behind the guards, who stood still dumbfounded, and a befuddled Kimberly.

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4 thoughts on “Chapter 6-4

  1. ‘You think he’s in cahoots with Cannibal Candy?” —> “You think he’s in cahoots with Cannibal Candy?”
    There was a piercing look in Kimberly eyes as she said, —> There was a piercing look in Kimberly’s eyes as she said,
    I ‘m not too sure on —> I‘m not too sure on
    This… this is like some sort of… monster…?”—> This… this is like some sort of… monster…?)

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