Chapter 5-3

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It was just about midnight. Pushing through the cool night breeze, a maiden with thirteen dogs in tow was walking through the grove of trees in the dead of the night.

It was Frey. She was taking the Garm automata on a walk along the road leading back from the Night Party.

“Say, Rabi. What do you think the T-Rex meant… when she spoke to us this afternoon?”

The sound of Rabi’s paws hitting the ground was the only reply she got as Rabi looked up inquiringly at his mistress’s face. Unfortunately, since he had the intelligence of a mere dog, he couldn’t be expected to understand the question.

“T-Rex… She looked like she was suffering…”

Her voice had been strained when she revealed her secret, the grief present plain to see. Frey understood then. Charl was overdoing it. Contrary to what she said, she was surely waiting for him to come…

Suddenly, the dogs came to a halt.

Surprised, she looked ahead. It was the Gryphon dormitory. Shattering the beautiful silhouette was a bug like thing slithering up one of the walls.

Actually, it was bigger than a bug. It looked like a human… A pervert?

Using a window sill as a foothold, the person clinging to the wall was a male student.

(That’s… Raishin?!)

He was peeking into one of the rooms on the third floor. It was Charl and Henri’s room.

Frey was stunned. Was Raishin really sneaking into Henri’s room for a secret night-time visit?!

While Frey was in a panicked state, Raishin had kicked the window open and crept in.

Should she call for help? Dash over and question him? Or turn a blind eye to the whole thing?

While her brain went into overdrive, Raishin had already jumped out of the window.

Yaya had appeared out of nowhere, giving Raishin a hand as they descended from the window.

There was a girl in a negligee slung over his shoulder— if she had to guess it was probably Henri.

“Raishin… is eloping with Henri…!?”

Frey muttered the first thought that popped into her mind.

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