Chapter 7-3

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Someone was standing on the roof of the central auditorium.

As if he was lording over the place, a man with a silver mask was looked down at the ground.

It was the person closest to the Wiseman’s Throne, Magnus. Surrounding him were his flower-like maidens. Wandering about aimlessly while counting the stars in the sky, they were enjoying the night.

Suddenly, the smiles disappeared from all of their faces.

Turning to face the same direction, their ears were perked up, making them look like cats who had just sensed a disturbance.

As they focused their gazes, someone lightly landed on the rooftop.

“Spectating, are we? I guess you are in the position to do so.”

It was a tall lady in a white coat— Kimberly.

“Well, I guess I’m also in a position to do so.”

She had a feline like grin on her face. She wasn’t overawed, even with the maidens’ overtly hostile intent directed at her.

In the first place, where had she appeared from? Had she been flying overhead in the sky before landing..?

Paying no attention to the maidens on high alert, Kimberly wandered around the rooftop, trying to find a suitable point to spectate from. Having found somewhere which satisfied her, she parked herself in front of the water tower, reaching into her bosom to retrieve her glasses.

The battle was unfolding in the middle of the grove of trees. Visibility was poor, since it was so dark. Quite frankly, putting on a pair of glasses shouldn’t have been able to help visibility, but…

“Hm, I count five, six… no, eight disciplinary committee members. They look like they’re surrounding the area, but there’s too much distance between them and the fight. They won’t be able to ascertain the situation like that.

She accurately analysed the situation. The surprise in her voice was obvious for all to see.

“Second Last is on the verge of dying. This confrontation, not to mention his physical strength— oh?”

There was a flash of bluish white light from inside. A magic circuit had been activated.

“Felix was the one who moved first. Considering that he has them surrounded, wouldn’t it be in his best interests to prolong the fight?”

While saying that, she turned to look at Magnus. Kimberly tone was like she was asking a student for his opinion.

However, Magnus dodged her gaze, turning around on his heels and starting to walk away.

“Hey, you’re not running away now, are you? At least stay until the end.”

“There’s no need. The fight’s already been decided.”


Kimberly turned back to look into the grove. The sounds of battle were still echoing inside. Contrary to Magnus’s words, the fight looked like it was increasing in intensity. — How was this decisive?

Magnus muttered something like he was talking to himself.

“Once you’ve figured out the trick, the rest is child’s play.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Too much of a hint has already been given to him.”

Kimberly’s eyes narrowed her eyes sharply. He gaze was like it could see through people’s hearts.

Magnus walked away, before suddenly coming to a halt.

“I’ll give you a warning.”

Turning only his head around, there was an eerie red glow coming from the inside of his mask.

“If you give him a more than obvious hint, I’m sure other people will come to know of it in the not so distant future. That would certainly be a hindrance to your investigation, Professor Kimberly.”

“… I’ll keep that in mind.”

With an “excuse me then.” Magnus departed. The maidens all rose and followed after him. One of them stuck out her tongue at Kimberly, causing her to grin wryly.

“The same goes for you, Magnus.”

She turned her eye back to the battle. The battle was about to reach its decisive climax.

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One thought on “Chapter 7-3

  1. Kimberly tone was like she —> Kimberly’s tone was like she
    Kimberly’s eyes narrowed her eyes sharply. (Not quite sure what’s going on here. Possibly something along the lines of: ‘Kimberly narrowed her eyes sharply.’?)
    He gaze was like it could —> Her gaze was like it could

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