Chapter 1-6

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The clear moonlight illuminated the campus at night.

It was one in the morning. All the respectable, decent students were already fast asleep.

It was so quiet you’d have thought everyone had gone extinct, but then a hidden shadow began to move.

At the outskirts of the garden, in a grove of trees hidden from any possible gazes, a pair of eyes shone in the darkness.

The silhouette was vague and indistinct. It was crawling on all fours, devouring something messily.

The thing the shadow was devouring had arms, legs and a head.

Its eyes were open. It’s popped out eyeball told the story of its final scary moments, the death agony it underwent. A large iron ball had been embedded into its crushed legs, and a substance similar to blood was spurting from the area. Face up on the ground, the torso had been cannibalised, making it look like a corpse.

However, this wasn’t a human body.

Underneath its broken skin, countless cords and metal cylinders could be seen.

It was an automaton. The shadow was eating an automaton.

Tearing open the body, it ripped out the internal circuitry. It looked like a man eating demon as it wordlessly devoured the body with great gusto, slurping up the excess oil.

The shadow continued its meal long after the moon had finally set, only finishing once the eastern sky had started to turn white.

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