Chapter 3-6

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The next morning, Raishin was sniffling in bed when he was awoken by the sound of porcelain breaking.

“Yaya? What are you doing this early in the morning..?”

Slowly getting up, he moved towards the direction of the sound.

Yaya was standing at the entrance to the room. She had a glass cup in her hand, and pieces of a water jug were strewn at her feet.

Standing in front of Yaya was a girl with a dragon atop her head.

Raishin rubbed his eyes reflexively. However, it didn’t seem like this was a dream or an illusion.

“What are you doing here? This is a boy’s dorm, you know?”

“I know. Don’t interrupt me needlessly.”

“Alright. So what do you want?”

Charl gulped, and started acting suspiciously.

She glanced to her right, then left, and then right again.

Taking deep breaths to steel herself, she finally managed to spit it out.

“Will you…”

“Will I?”

“Will you… go out on a date with me?”

In that moment, Yaya crushed the cup she was holding in her hand.

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