Chapter 4-1

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“Will you… go out on a date with me?”

Was what Charl had said. With flushed cheeks and an upward glance.

Thinking he had heard wrongly— wishing he had heard wrongly— Raishin confirmed her request.


Whether it was an attempt to hide her blush, Charl indignantly spoke,

“Is your head as bad as your face? I asked you to go out on a date with me.”

Having received a considerable verbal attack, Raishin felt dazed.

Trying to comprehend what she had just said was like trying to catch a slippery eel.

“After school today, clear your schedule. Got that?”

The first to react was Yaya. While turning pale and started trembling all over,ma9_121

“W… w… while he appreciates the fact you came all this way to invite him, Raishin already has plans after school. He doesn’t have the time to go out with you.”

“It’s fine. I’ll make room in my schedule.”

Yaya ground the fragments of the broken cup in her hand into smaller pieces.

“W-well then, I should go. I’ll see you later at the lecture hall.”

With the innocence and awkwardness of two people who had just started dating, she hurriedly left.

Watching her awkward figure retreat, Raishin let out a yawn.

“What’s up with her? Giving me the creeps this early in the morning—“

A violent chill suddenly passed through him.

For a brief moment he had a hallucination that the grim reaper was about to separate his head from his body with his scythe. Timidly turning around, he saw Yaya’s hair rising into the air, wriggling like she was medusa.

“W-wait a minute… calm down, ok? Just take a deep breath and count to the biggest prime number you can think of… please?”

A second later, a wail of agony echoed throughout the Tortoise dormitory.

“You really are a boisterous man. Is your brain infested with roundworms?”

Being strangled, just before his vision turned completely dark, Raishin’s consciousness was jolted back by the sound of a familiar voice insulting him.

Perhaps she came to her senses, or the appearance of someone else startled her, but Yaya let go of Raishin’s windpipe.

Oxygen rushing into his starved lungs, Raishin turned to face the owner of the voice.

Standing there was a bespectacled female student— Lisette. Accompanying her was a beautiful boarding mistress. Unlike Charl who had audaciously walked in, Lisette had obtained permission to visit the male dormitory.

Without even so much as a smile, Lisette handed him a large envelope with a businesslike attitude.

“What is this?”

“Is it not obvious if you think about it? Or has your brain been completely eaten by roundworms?”

“Why are you so fixated with roundworms?”

Lisette threw him a look of disdain, before reverting back to her businesslike manner.

“The contract between you and the disciplinary committee— also, all the material we have on Cannibal Candy.”

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