Chapter 4-1

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The sight of a bloodied Yaya being blasted backwards was seen by Shouko, who was on the balcony.

Nimbly adjusting her field of vision, she looked for the assailant.

Judging from the way Yaya was thrown back, she calculated the angle and location the assailant shot from. She cast her eye on the nearby school building and caught sight of something.

Something pearly white was giving off a reflection.

A lone white haired student was standing at the edge of a window in the medical faculty.

The inside of the building was dark, so she couldn’t see anything apart from the hair. However, there didn’t seem to be enough space inside to contain a large cannon like object.

“Aren’t you going to repair her?”

It was a comment from out of the blue. Shouko slowly turned her head around.

Standing there was a professor clad in a white coat, none other than Kimberly.

She had a provocative look on her face. Her two eyes were focused right on Shouko.

Shouko laughed lightly and tried to say something to her.

Kimberly had an amused look on her face,

“So you can conceal sound as well. Sorry, but won’t you at least drop the barrier so I can hear you, Miss Karyuusai?”

Shouko dispelled the hidden form magic art with another light laugh. The students nearby jumped up like startled deer. Considering that a kimono-clad beauty just materialised before them, their shock was understandable.

“Good day to you, Professor Kimberly. I guess my boy’s been giving you some trouble, hasn’t he?”

“Yeah and that one is really such a problematic brat. His memory’s bad, his attitude leaves much to be desired and as a bonus, he can’t keep his hands to himself.”

“Oh my, even as far as the ladies?”

“Secretly sneaking out of the academy like that, you have to wonder where he is and what he’s up to. Look, it’s because of that kind of behaviour that your prized automaton is now in that sad state.”

“From the way you speak, you sound like you know who’s responsible for that.”

The atmosphere became strained. The surrounding students gulped as both women stared at each other.

After a moment, the first person to break the tension was Kimberly.

“This interview can wait till next time. More importantly, that automaton below us.”

Jerking her chin she gestured towards the fallen Yaya, lying in a pool of her own blood inside the garden.

“Go on, go repair her. I don’t think you can afford to lose her just yet, right?”

“Your concern is appreciated. However, it is unnecessary. That child is not as weak as you think.”

“Your automata, maybe. What about Second Last?”

“I am talking about that child. My boy won’t die so easily.”

In a voice full of confidence, she elegantly stood up.

And then she bowed with a grace so beautiful it deserved to be on stage.

“Good day to you, Professor Kimberly. Send my regards to Father Time.”

After a brief glance down at Yaya, she departed without any further action. Shouko’s figure once again filled with magic energy and disappeared from the naked eye. And once again, the students were left dumbfounded.

Kimberly watched her disappearing figure and smiled wryly.

“What a mysterious lady. Then again, I guess I don’t have the right to call anyone that.”

A single drop of sweat was shining on her forehead.

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