Chapter 7-1

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A short time before Raishin had appeared in front of Charl.

The guards carrying the stretcher had been assaulted by a mysterious shadow.

The shadow had stolen the grievously wounded person on the stretcher, and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

And right now, the shadow gave off a stench of blood as it ran into a grove of trees.

It was the figure of a girl. Her torn kimono fluttered in the night wind, exposing her skin, which was like fresh snow. Her flowing black hair whipped about, but she strangely showed no signs of exhaustion.

Obviously, it was Yaya, and she was carrying another shadow on her back.

With his right foot on the sash tied around her waist, and his left knee on Yaya’s shoulder, Raishin was literally being carried by Yaya. Displaying an extraordinary sense of balance, Yaya continued to run without dropping Raishin at all.

“Are you ok, Raishin?”

“I’m… fine.”

His brow was covered in cold sweat. Every time Yaya kicked off the ground, Raishin’s body tensed up.

It looked like he was in pain. Yaya lowered her speed out of concern, but—

“Don’t worry about me. Right now, all you need to focus on is the upcoming fight.”

He was obviously overdoing it… but Yaya obediently followed his orders. If her master said he was fine, then as an automaton all she could do was to believe and support him.

“More importantly though, let’s continue our earlier conversation. Something you were going to tell me before we go into combat.”

Yaya nodded. She told him what Sigmund had told her earlier this evening.

“Charlotte is searching for her scattered family.”

“Scattered? Isn’t she some proper lady from a noble house?”

“It’s true that the Belew house of nobles was an eminent family in the British Empire.”

While dashing through the grove of trees, Raishin wordlessly pressed her to continue.

“Count Belew, Charlotte’s father, was known as an avid collector of automata. There were numerous automata in his home, and everyone got along well, so all of them passed their days like a real family, automata included. But…”

One day, a boy of extremely high social position came to visit as a guest.

Charl’s dog automaton ended up hurting the boy.

The count received an extremely severe reprimand from the royal family. His countship was stripped from him, and his lands were confiscated. A large number of the automata which were part of their family ended up being dismantled.

“Hmph, such a troublesome kid. Which family did that brat belong to?”

“I don’t know. All Sigmund would say was he was from an extremely high social position.”

With their assets frozen, the family fell into poverty. The former count couldn’t find any work in the country, so he was forced to move to France to work as a puppeteer by himself.

However, things didn’t seem to go well for him. Before long, contact with the former count was lost.

While Charl was off at boarding school, her sister’s and mother’s whereabouts were lost to her as well.

Finally, she ran out of money for her school fees, and was kicked out of the boarding school.

However, she ran into good fortune… sort of. The Belew name was famous for Machinart. The Royal Academy of Machinart, Walpurgis was an institution that placed more weight on potential rather than hearsay. Even a felon’s daughter was welcome here. With a student loan, she was able to enrol into the academy.

Ever since then, Charl began working towards her dream.

“I see. So the reason why she hates Cannibal Candy so much is because she doesn’t think of automata as mere puppets…”

Also, the sin that she had spoken of earlier—

The reason her family had been broken up was because of her very own automaton.

Having heard Yaya’s explanation, Raishin nodded, deeply moved.

“So, Charl’s dream is—“

“Yes. She wants to revive the Belew household. She’s already managed to repay her student loan, so all that’s left is to buy back the heart of her family.”

Treating the matter as one of great importance, Yaya softly continued.

“So that she can live with everyone again, one day.”

“Well, this completely sucks.”

Raishin scratched his head and clicked his tongue in irritation.

“To live with her family again— she wants to stand atop the Night Party for that? She’s wants to kick aside all other puppeteers and take the Wiseman’s throne for that reason? If she’s serious, then she’s a bigger idiot than I am.”

Raishin spat out, but contrary to his words, the hand that was gripping onto Yaya’s shoulder was strangely burning up.

Yaya understood very well why.

Raishin had come this close to crushing Charl’s earnest dream with his own hands.

Because of that, he wanted to protect her and her dream, whether it was right or wrong.

Because of that, Yaya also requested that Raishin use her as his tool to do so.

Yaya felt her blood boil as she sprinted with all her might, cutting through the night wind.

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