Chapter 1-5

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That night, inside one of the rooms in the Tortoise dormitory.

Raishin tossed and turned in his bed, unable to sleep.

“… Looks like I’m not used to this.”

The scenery from lunch had been burnt into his skull. Parts scattered everywhere, along with shattered automata. The feeling he had at the point of their destruction, and the dull response to it.

Raishin shook his head, chasing away the nausea building up.

“Did you say something?”

While hanging out the laundry, Yaya turned around with a smile on her face.

“— No. Just thinking that this room is so worn out, if you kicked a wall the whole place would fall apart.”

He pointed up at the cracked, filthy ceiling.

The mouldy air filled his lungs, and staring at the sooty walls made him depressed. Although Yaya had washed the sheets clean, the bed creaked noisily, making it hard for him to sleep soundly.

He thought he would get used to it in three days, but that wasn’t the case.

In fact, he noticed the longer he had stayed here the more his dissatisfaction had grown.

“Well, I guess it is spacious… and it’s better than just having a bed.”

Why muttering to himself, Raishin tossed and turned in his bed.

The room’s size was 12 jou(1), and came with a study desk and closet. As it was originally meant for two students, there was another bed on the opposite end.

“That’s right, Raishin. Divine punishment comes to those who do nothing but grumble.”

Yaya grinned happily.

Even if they were alone together, Yaya was unusually happier than normal.

“… You’re glad we don’t have a roommate, aren’t you?”

“Yes <3”

Whether it should be labelled obstinancy or tenacity, Yaya was prone to the odd rampage. Even if he did have a roommate, who knew what devious trick she would pull to eliminate said roommate?

“By the way, what are we doing tomorrow? Are you going to challenge someone again?”

“I’ll think about it tomorrow. For now it’s time to sleep.”

“I understand. Good night, Raishin.”

“Yeah… wait-wait-wait!”

He pushed away the thing creeping into his bed.

“Your bed is over there!”

“But Yaya was hurt in battle today. And I think I got burnt a little too.”

“What does that have to do with anything!?”

“Didn’t you know? We automata function off a puppeteer’s magic energy. When we’re damaged, the closer we are to the puppeteer the faster we’ll recover.”

“… Now that you mention it, I think that was the case…”

Raishin’s displeasure was plainly displayed on his face.

Yaya sat at the foot of his bed, staring at him with puppy dog eyes.

Looking at her, she had no external injuries. However, he had no clue about her internal system. Because she herself had said she was injured, he wondered if that was true.

If she was, then it was Raishin’s responsibility. That battle had been down to his selfishness alone.

“… I guess it can’t be helped then. If that’s the case, then I guess we can sleep together.”

“Ok. <3”

“However, you cannot do anything weird.”

“I won’t. I won’t do anything weird.”

“I think I phrased it wrongly. Don’t touch me.”

“… Tch.”

“Did you just click your tongue? Why did you click your tongue?”

“If an automaton comes into direct contact with the puppeteer, they will recover much, much faster.”

“That’s a lie! Get out! I think I’ll sleep alone after all!”

Yaya was waiting for an opening, and Raishin was maintaining his defence line to the death. Fireworks sparked between them as an uneasy equilibrium was reached.

Thus, Raishin had a sleepless night.

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Translation Notes:

1: jou is a counter used to measure room size in Japan. For more details, see:

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