Chapter 5-3

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The greatsword’s tip drove itself into the ground with a thud.

“Raishin! Open your eyes, Raishin!”

The automaton girl was bawling her eyes out. Clinging on to her master, her desperation was almost comical. However, the blood flowing out of him refused to stop. The light shining down on the grass revealed a black slickness.

The watching students sank into silence, holding their breath as they awaited what happened next.

Loki coldly looked down at the prone figure of Raishin, and then turned his back on him.

“… Come, Cherubim.”

[Yes, Yes… Hmm…?]

Cherubim’s head was tilted. Its figure seemed to be questioning Loki whether they were just going to leave without making sure of their victory.

“This situation is that idiot’s own doing. There’s no doubt that the fault isn’t mine. However, if he were to die now, I would have to forfeit my Entry. So now I’m going to let him get treated. That’s all there is to it.”

[I’m ready]

It seemed to have understood. Its parts clattered together as it began to reassemble itself, returning back to the form which was more human like.

Bringing it along, Loki departed from the battle field.

With the withdrawal of the higher ranked, a ceasefire was formed, and the medical team rushed onto the field.

Like they had suddenly remembered how, the students erupted into noise. Seeing the large volume of blood spilt, there were even some who fainted. Loki was somewhat depressed as he exited the crowd of people, and walked south along Main Street.

Walking down a deserted street, he eventually arrived at his goal: the academy gates.

After receiving permission from the sentry, he entered inside the gates. Ascending a flight of stairs, he opened the door to a waiting room to find a gentleman elegantly drinking red tea. The gentleman looked like he was in the prime of his life.

“It looks like the fight is over then.”

The voice was hard, with a hint of unhappiness. Loki’s throat grew dry.

“I received a report by telegraph. The conclusion to the battle was a little disappointing.”

“… I apologise, father.”

“Why did you not take his glove?”

Cold eyes were looking in his direction. Feeling an enormous surge of magic energy, Loki recoiled back.

“… If I had tried to take his glove, that automaton would have resisted.”

“You could have just kicked her aside. Or did you think my Cherubim would fall to a doll that had lost its controller?”

“That was a Bandoll, father. You said it yourself.”

The gentleman fell silent, staring at Loki. Loki piled on,

“If she had resisted for an extended period of time, her controller would have died. Any participant whose opponent dies is stripped of his Entry no matter the reason. Therefore…”

“… Fine, enough of that. I trust your judgement on this matter. However. . .”

Goosebumps formed on the back of Loki’s neck. The gentleman’s voice had become penetratingly cold.

“Why did you go and do that on your own?”

Loki had no immediate reply. Sweat started forming on his palms.

“I’m asking you why you threw away your 7th seat, and willingly dropped down to the 99th seat.”

“… It was necessary for the plan, so I exercised my own judgement.”

“Oh? What do you mean by that?”

“The odds of Frey winning are next to none. I wanted to pit the Garm and Angel against each other to show the difference in their combat ability, so I had to eliminate Second Last first.”

“That was a needless thing to do.”

“… I apologise.”

“It’s fine. You are a son whom I take much pride in. I’ll just close an eye over this trivial selfishness of yours. I’ll also deal with the military if they make a fuss over it. However- the next time, if you try to pull off a stunt like this again, I’ll have no choice but to stop your heart from beating.”

“… I understand.”

“Just as you planned it, tomorrow Rabi and Cherubim will face off. There’s no need to hold anything back. Fight like you mean to destroy it completely.”

“I understand.”

“I have high hopes for you. Go out there and show off your strength to your heart’s content. Doing so will be in Frey’s best interests as well.”

Loki’s brow twitched slightly. He wasn’t sure if the gentleman had noticed it.

“… Of course, father.”

Being dismissed, he bowed and retreated.

His back turned on the gentleman, Loki’s teeth grounded furiously as he walked away.

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