Chapter 1-5

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Yaya was lying on her back, while Raishin had sank down in a heap, both of them panting wildly.

Since Yaya was a bandoll, she could generate magic energy by herself. However, even with that said, the energy she generated wasn’t infinite. Running out of magic energy, she became exhausted.

Yaya was still sniffling, but more importantly, she had calmed down. A relieved Raishin turned towards Frey, who was sitting in the shade and grasping her knees.

“You also should have been more reasonable ok? I’m not a pervert or anything like that.”

“Uu… I believe you.”

“Don’t lie! You’re doubting me with all your heart now, aren’t you!?”

“Should I chase after Henri?”

Frey’s cheeks coloured slightly as she returned back to the topic at hand.

“I know where she is now… Revina is currently following her.”

“Oh, well done. But I think… we can leave Henri aside for now.”

Frey tilted her head in puzzlement.

“The way she is right now, she’s definitely not going to tell us anything. Trying to force it at this point would be a waste of time.”

“But if we leave her alone, she might try to commit suicide again….”

“Perhaps. However, I think she’ll be fine.”


“That’s why I’m saying, we need to search for Charl first.”

On hearing Charl’s name, Yaya jumped up.

“But Raishin, we have no clue as to where Charlotte could be. Even if you said you were her boyfriend.”

“Don’t hold a grudge over that. Forget I ever said it, alright?”

“Since you said search for her, does it mean you have an idea where to begin?”

“I won’t say I have a definite idea on where to look, but I think that Charl… is most likely still somewhere inside the academy.”

“Is this the gut feeling of a boyfriend?”

“I already told you not to get hung up on that. It’s not exactly a gut feeling… it’s more like wishful thinking.”

Raishin stood up abruptly, dislodging sand from the ground. Frey also rose to her feet,

“Should I get the T-Rex’s panties then?”

“Don’t fixate over underwear.”

“Then, her bra…”

“Promise me! Say you’ll stop fixating on people’s underwear!”

Frey was a little unhappy, but trotted off to fetch something back to begin their hunt.

“Ah, wait.”

Raishin looked up between the gaps of the tree branches, speaking while noticing the colour of the sky.

“It’s almost time for the Night Party. You should go back.”

Frey needed to manage and maintain her dogs. Since there were thirteen of them, just feeding them alone would be a formidable task. He didn’t even want to think how she would bring them to use the toilet.

“… Then what will you do, Raishin?”

“I’ll search for Charl. Don’t worry, once the sun sets, I’ll head over there.”


“It’s fine. Sorry for asking you to tag along the whole day.”

With great reluctance, Frey hopped onto Rabi’s back and departed. The other dogs gathered into a pack and chased after them.

“That looks like something straight out of a myth. Walking away with all those dogs in tow.”

“So in short, you’re saying Frey is a goddess, Raishin…”

Yaya kicked at a small rock. Raishin chuckled, then placed his hand on her head.

“You’re my only goddess. I’m counting on you, my goddess of victory.”

“Raishin… <3”

“And also, I guess Shouko’s also a goddess, but in a different way.”

“Yaya would be fine being that sort of goddess too…”

A rather crushed Yaya muttered that in anguish, lacking her usual vigour.

“Now then, even though I said let’s search for her, where should we begin…”

Raishin gently tapped his fist to his jaw, deep in thought.

If Charl was really still within the academy grounds, she’d be in a place that would be hard to find; a place where neither the security staff, the committee members, or even the professors could find her. He wondered if there was even such a place inside the academy.

(Hm. If I asked Professor Kimberly for help, would she be willing to hear me out?)

That seemed like the best choice he had for now. Considering that Kimberly also had some clout inside the Mages’ Association… or at least, it seemed that way. Although it meant he’d have to suffer her sarcasm while also owing her another favour, there was some merit in talking to her.

Other than that, what else could he do…

“… Alright. First, we’ll head over to the Gryphon dormitory.”

“Are you planning to steal Charlotte’s panties?”

“I’m not that kind of pervert. I just want to search around Henri’s side of the room.”

“Eh, but just now you said we weren’t going to search for Henri… Ah, I get it. I will follow you Raishin, even if it’s into another woman’s bed.”

“We’re going nowhere near that, ok? Plus, that’s not following, that’s stalking.”

In any case, the two of them started off towards their goal.

The sun was already setting, and so the inside of the woods had become a little dark.

Raishin stumbled over the thick grass and roots of trees, but continued to run with dropping his speed.

About halfway enroute to the dormitory, suddenly, the trees in front of them began to rustle.
Someone’s presence could be felt— it was strong— and large!

“Yaya, stop!”

Holding his partner back, Raishin ground to a sudden halt.

Almost immediately after, the wind above their heads began to howl.

Its tail sweeping away tree branches, a large creature descended from above.

With a thud, the creature landed heavily on the ground, revealing itself to be a steel coloured dragon with four wings.

It was clear this wasn’t a wild beast; the look in its eyes gave off the feeling that it possessed a bright intellect. Its dignified figure was filled with greatness and beauty, making it hard to describe it as a monster.

There was a girl sitting on the dragon’s back.

Charlotte Belew.

One of the few who could be considered as having the potential to be the next Wiseman, and the person whom Raishin frequently ate lunch with.

Rather than her normal school uniform, Charl was clad in black. While she wasn’t wearing a suit of armour and a helmet, her chest and her shoulders, as well as her other vital points were covered in protective armour. An assassin or someone in the military would not look out of place in the get up she was wearing. This was clothing meant for battle.

Yaya eyed her carefully, although not in the way she normally would, before stepping in front of Raishin. Raishin held her back, walking in front of the dragon by himself.

“Yo. Skipping class to take a walk? Didn’t think you were the sort who’d enjoy the nightlife.”

He hailed her in the same carefree voice he always did.

“I have a mountain of questions for you. Let’s go somewhere for a drink.”

“… Unfortunately for you, I have nothing to say.”

Charl response was cold and curt. It was like she had completely lost all emotion— like her face was made of steel. She continued on in her expressionless tone.

“I’m warning you. Don’t try and make a pass at Henri.”

“I refuse.”

For a brief moment, there was a flicker of irritation on her face as her emotionless façade slipped.

“However, if you just return to the academy, I’ll consider it. How’s that?”

“… Idiot. Such an amazing idiot. As always, you’re unable to read the context.”

A killing look gleamed within Charl’s eye.

“I’m telling you to not get involved with me.”

Charl’s body was filled with a strong magic energy, causing the atmosphere around her to waver.

Her intensity was terrifying. Combined with the overpowering aura the enormous dragon was releasing, Raishin could feel his hair stand on end.

“If you don’t comply— I’ll kill you.”

Yaya’s eyes widened, then she quickly snuck a peek at Raishin.

Raishin shrugged his shoulders, and spoke in a bemused tone of voice.

“Didn’t you say that you were going to protect me just the other day?”

“Shut up! I said I’ll kill you so I will! That’s why I’m telling you not to get yourself involved with me anymore!”

The expressionless mask she was wearing had completely cracked. Turning her face away, she kicked the sides of the dragon.

The dragon lifted itself into flight with an ease that belied its enormous size. Climbing higher and higher, it eventually flew out of sight.

All that was left was the strong gust of wind, and some scattered vegetation blowing around.

“… You’re the idiot, Charl.”

Raishin sighed, before a smile carved itself onto his face.

“How can I walk away when you’re making a face like that in front of me?”

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    • Shoot, it only showed the first line.


      Now that I’ve got my feelings vented, I have a quick question, that I want to throw out there before I forget.

      I’ve been curious about the term “Bandoll” for awhile. When used in the original works, Is it written in arabic lettering? Or in one of the Japanese alphabets?

  1. Since Yaya was a bandoll —> Since Yaya was a Bandoll
    but continued to run with dropping his speed. —> but continued to run without dropping his speed. (Based on the wording I assume this is meant to be in the negative.)
    Someone’s presence could (Line Break)

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