Chapter 5-5

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It was just before dawn, right at the time where the air was the chilliest.

The medical faculty was quiet and still. At the entrance, a professor in a white coat- Kimberly stepped into the building. Brushing her coat, she shook off the morning dew which had gathered.

Something deep within the corridor caught her gaze.

“God, Buddha, or whoever’s up there, please help Raishin to get better…!”

A lone girl was staring up at the moon, her hands clasped together in a prayer. Her lustrous black hair shone under the moonlight, giving her a saintly aura.

“Yaya will no longer be selfish. If Raishin becomes friendly with a human girl, Yaya won’t be jealous. If Raishin’s clothes give off the scent of another girl, or he throws Yaya to one side, or even if one day he suddenly goes “I’ve got a girlfriend now!”—“

While speaking, her tone of voice gradually faded into a dull monotone, and the light in her eyes also started to disappear.

Yaya jerked her head up suddenly, and hurriedly continued.

“That was a mistake. It was just a feint. Don’t believe that. Yaya will really not get jealous at all, so please, save Raishin, I beg you…!”

“That’s a pretty pathetic prayer.”

Yaya turned her head with a start.

“You look pretty lively. I must say you’ve caused me a great deal of surprise. Your controller is in that sort of state, yet your activity level has barely dipped at all.”

If the situation was considered, such behaviour was actually harmful. Continuous draining of magic energy from a master in a critical state was equivalent to inflicting more harm upon him.

Yaya was stunned, then quickly fell silent, hanging her head low.

A prickling sense of guilt stabbed her in the chest. She didn’t particularly hate Yaya or anything, but somehow, she couldn’t help but be cold towards excessively superior Automata.

“Well, don’t worry so much. That guy is like a cockroach, almost impossible to kill. I’m sure that wound on his chest isn’t that big of a deal.”

It was a pretty bad attempt at consoling her. Kimberly left Yaya’s side and moved onwards.

Entering the doctor’s office, she was assailed by the smell of blood and antiseptics.

Right in front of the entrance to the treatment room, doctor Cruel had stationed himself there.

With a grumpy look on his face, he was looking through a thick medical book.

“Well, you look pretty sour.”

“Damn right I am. There’s no joy in saving a man’s life.”

He spat out without even looking up. Although he said so, he had been up all night looking after the injured, such was his professionalism.

“So, how’s Second Last?”

“He’s one heck of a lucky devil, I’ll tell you that.”

He handed over Raishin’s medical charts. Wiping his spectacles, Cruel explained.

“If it had been a few millimetres deeper, it would have pierced his lungs. One centimetre and his heart would have been gouged out.”


“The angle of the cut was fortuitous as well. His collarbone’s broken, but he escaped with only two broken ribs, and his internal organs are all fine. Plus, for a wound received from such a big sword, the cut was relatively clean. Because of that stitching him up was easy- he really does have the luck of the gods. Someone up there must be looking out for him… is the kind of feeling you get from looking at his chart.”

“Then, his life is not in danger?”

“For now, at least.”

His words were carefully chosen. Cruel had a proper doctor look on his face for once as he spoke.

“He did lose quite a lot of blood. Because of that his blood pressure is dangerously low. We also cannot rule out the possibility that there might be negative after effects. The worst thing that could happen now would be sepsis. Automata contain numerous bacteria after all. If you’re cut by one like that, only God knows when you’ll ever wake again. Besides—”

Lowering his voice, he continued in a whisper.

“His vitality is also currently being drained away as well.”

The image of Yaya in the hallway suddenly surfaced in Kimberly’s mind. From what she saw earlier, Yaya didn’t seem to be aware that she was stealing Raishin’s life force. If she were to learn about it, she’d probably be even more upset than she was.

“By the way, it wouldn’t be weird if he were to die at any moment. Not at all.”

Kimberly scowled at the treatment room, thinking to herself.

(I don’t think he’s going to die so easily just like that, but…)

Even if he wasn’t at death’s door, effectively he was almost as good as dead. That much Kimberly knew very well.

“Even if he survives, he won’t be in any condition to battle anytime soon. Damn, I always get the worse patients. Male patients are always smelly and dirty. There’s no fun in changing a guy, or applying bandages to their wounds, or conducting physicals on them.”

“I see. So you’re saying that normally, you have fun doing those sort of things?”

“Of cou— It was just a joke!”

Seeing Kimberly reach for a pair of scissors and stare at that place, he hurriedly changed his tune.

After that he began to grumble, unable to suppress the thoughts lurking at the bottom of his heart.

“Really now, what the hell is wrong with him! Damn jinx! I managed to fix him up and chase him away, and no sooner is he out than he’s brought right back in. And that erotically cute automata of his! What’s with that “touch me and I’ll crush you” attitude? Ah, dammit, stupid Second Last! I wish you’d just explode!”

Cruel continued to curse. Kimberly felt that entertaining him would be idiotic, and so she looked outside the window instead.

The sky was already becoming white. The day was breaking.

“Now then… let’s see whether you can recover before the Night Party ends.”

She directed the question at Raishin.

However the treatment room was harshly silent, without a single sound in response.

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  1. excessively superior Automata. —> excessively superior automata.
    doctor Cruel had stationed himself —> Doctor Cruel had stationed himself
    Damn, I always get the worse patients. —> Damn, I always get the worst patients.

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