Chapter 6-3

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Raishin was sent flying from the violently painful blow he received on his back.

Crashing into the locker, the glass shattered as they both smashed into the wall, causing the violently loud clatter to echo throughout the building.

Slowly, blood began to spread across the floor.

After the dust had settled, Raishin was left buried under the locker, completely unmoving.

Lisette emotionlessly watched over the chaos.

Having heard all the sounds, the guards soon came flying in. Two guards burst into the room without making much noise, their automata in tow.

They were on high alert and in battle stances. Their automata in front, they had Lisette in their targets. The puppeteers’ voices were exceedingly cold as they asked,

“What happened here?”

Lisette panted wildly and her voice was raised as she replied.

“C… call the executive committee please.”

“What happened? Are you ok?”

“He… he was going to destroy the automata here, so regrettably, I had to attack him.”

Still remaining on high alert, one of them moves inside the room to confirm Lisette’s story.

“I see. Wow, this is pretty bad.”

The puppeteer grimaced as his lamp illuminated the pool of blood on the floor.

“You did this by yourself?”

“Luckily, my automaton was here.”

She pointed to the locker. The guard was a little suspicious, but didn’t press any further and turned back to Raishin’s body.

“He’s still breathing, albeit faintly.”

“I tried to avoid trying his vital points. However, it would be best if we brought him to the doctor’s office immediately.”

“We’ll arrange that. Leave this to us.”

Signalling his partner, they started to turn and walk away, but Lisette called out to them.

“Please wait. There is a possibility that he— Raishin Akabane is working with Cannibal Candy.”

“What do you mean?”

“He might have tried to create a disturbance here so as to cover up the movements of Cannibal Candy. Something he said intimated as much. So just to be sure, can you do something about the automaton in front…?”

“Alright. We’ll restrain it.”


“What about you?”

“I have to rendezvous with the rest of the disciplinary committee and report this to them. There’s a chance that Cannibal Candy will move— no, there’s a possibility that he may have already made his move.”

“Hm… You’re the eyewitness to this commotion. I’d prefer it if you remained here.”

“In that case I will return as soon as possible. My name is Lisette Norden, a third year in class F.”

She handed over her student identification card. With that, the guard seemed to have some faith in her. Her membership was clearly stated, and she was also the disciplinary committee chairman’s assistant. Someone of her calibre… with that in mind, he decided he could permit Lisette to leave the scene.

Lisette sealed her locker before exiting the room at a quick pace.

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