Epilogue – The Killer Demon in White

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“Now then, Raishin. Take off your clothes <3”


The light of the setting sun illuminated the hospital room as Yaya spoke with a happy voice.

Dressed in a nurse’s uniform, Yaya had come to nurse Raishin, and was approaching him with a steaming towel in one hand.

“If you don’t obediently remove your pants, I might end up giving you an injection in your eye, you know?”

“No angel dressed in white would ever say something like that, ok? Are you trying to be a devil here?”

Getting exasperated with the fool who was resisting with all his might, nurse Yaya decided to use force.

Grabbing onto Raishin’s waist, she tried to remove his lower garments.

Raishin swung his leg down, which had been set in a cast, bringing a halt to Yaya’s reckless action.

Rubbing her head, which had been kicked, a teary-eyed Yaya said,

“Look, this will be over before you can even count the number of spots on the ceiling!”

“Why are you speaking like a ruffian!? Plus, there’s someone lying next to me!”

“Yaya could ask for nothing better!”

“But I’m not fine with it! And you’re the only one here that’s being so shameless!”

At that moment, the curtain portioning off his bed opened with a flap, revealing a cold, murderous intent.

Lying on the bed next to his was Loki, whose expression was like a man about to draw his sword.

“If I may say so myself, I am a tolerant person… However, there are three things in this world I cannot forgive. People who give me orders. People who defy me. And finally, people who do naughty things with a nurse in the ward.”

“She’s not a nurse, and we weren’t about to do anything! If you find it unforgivable then hurry up and help me!”

“Don’t be ridiculous. That’s your automaton.”

“Yes! Yaya is Raishin’s personal doll! Please love Yaya like you always do!”

“Don’t believe her Loki! Nothing could be further from the truth!”

The situation was turning into a big scene. The giant sword leaning on the wall— Cherubim in its sword form, looked annoyed, and turned its face away.

“So early in the day and you lot are already making such a scene. If you guys are so energetic, how about I throw you back into the Night Party?”

A voice called out from the door way. Seeing the person who spoke, both Raishin and Loki froze, their voices coming to a sudden halt.

“What with those faces? Especially since your great benefactor has decided to grace you with her presence.”

Kimberly grinned mischievously,

“Right, Second Last? After all, the association overlooked your illegal excursion, so you ended up getting away scot-free after this incident. I wonder, who do you have to thank for that?”

“… I owe everything to Professor Kimberly.”

“Now then, Sacred Blaze. Normally, the automata belonging to the both of you siblings should have been confiscated as illegal evidence. So why are you still able to use them in the Night Party?”

“… I owe everything to Professor Kimberly.”

Raishin grabbed Loki’s neck, pulling him closer so that he could angrily whisper into his ear.

“Now look what you’ve done! Thanks to you making that racket, we now have this unnecessary debt loaded onto us.”

“You idiot. If we look at the root cause of this, the racket only began once you woke up.”

Veins started to pop out on the both their foreheads. They looked to be on the verge of scrapping with each other.

“Well, let’s save that chat for another day. There’s another reason why I’m here.”


“The both of you aren’t allowed visitors normally, but a professor has special rights. So I’m here because I’m escorting someone to see you.”

With that frank admission she turned and walked out of the ward. The person who entered after she left was a weak-looking girl, who had five dogs in tow with her. Yaya unabashedly went into a vigilant mode.

It was Loki’s sister, Frey. She had brought along a Collie, a German Shepherd, a Great Dane, a Dachshund, and a wolf-like dog. All of them had been groomed, their fur sparkling clean.

With the dogs circling around her, Frey stared at Raishin intently.

Her red pupils had a gentle moistness in them, causing them to get a little blurry.

“Uu… Thank you, Raishin.”

“… Don’t thank me. I’m the one responsible for Yomi’s death, and I—“

“Still, thank you.”

She smiled warmly.

This was the first time he was seeing Frey smile. Her face was like a magnolia flower, charming and peaceful.

The dogs were also happily wagging their tails. Seeing that, Raishin couldn’t bring himself to say anything more than that.

“… I heard about it, by the way. You’ve upgraded to Surround Roar, attacking as a unit.”

Out of the twelve they had rescued, four had been added to Frey’s control, increasing her battle strength.

Formed into a pack, the Garm types were much stronger than originally imagined. Since they were Bandolls they possessed a high level of autonomy, as a design planned for mass production the requirement to handle them was low. Even if she were controlling five at a time, the burden placed on Frey’s body was very little.

Through the dogs “hunting” as a pack Frey had been able to rack up several victories; while Raishin and Loki were incapacitated, she had already won five matches. She had just defeated the 93rd seat the previous night.

“They seem to have multiplied. What are their names?”

“Rabi, Riviera, Ruby, Revina, Robin.”

“… Sorry. I can’t really remember so many names, so can I just call them RaRiRuReRo?”

Frey had a troubled expression on her face, then went “Uu… more importantly” to change the subject.

She thrust out the basket she was carrying.

“Here, I made lunch. They’re sandwiches.”

Raishin was hit by déjà vu at this sight. However, the Frey now was friendly. It probably wasn’t a trap.

“Oh, then I accept this and I will gratefully ea—“

As he reached out for it, Yaya suddenly snatched it away.

Her pupils were like black holes, and she spoke in a monotone.

“Allow Yaya to taste this for poison first. Thereafter, Yaya will feed Raishin mouth-to-mouth.”

“I refuse. However, I guess you can taste-test it for me first.”

“How cruel, Raishin…! You’re only using Yaya when it’s convenient for you…!”

While wailing things along the same theme, Yaya stuffed her cheeks with the sandwich.

Almost immediately, Yaya’s face turned a different colour, and she started coughing.

“Are you ok!? Hey, what did you put inside!?”

“Uu… a love potion— But I couldn’t get any, so I added in a lot of rum.”

“… Alcohol?”

“If you got really drunk, then the influence of the alcohol might cause you to have an error in judgement, which would cause a misunderstanding to happen…”

“The only thing that’s erroneous here is what’s going on inside your head, ok? Besides, anyone would spit it out straightaway, you know?”

Frey hung her head somewhat disappointedly. I don’t think she meant any harm by it… wait, before that, what was with that love potion she mentioned earlier? Was she planning on making me her slave, so that she would proceed through the Night Party with an advantage?

While Raishin’s brain was going into overdrive sorting out his thoughts, Frey had trotted over to Loki, who was sulking for some reason.

“Loki, thank you. You helped protect the dogs.”

“… I didn’t do anything. You should be thanking that idiot over there.”

He wasn’t honest. While patting Yaya on the back, Raishin interjected from the side.

“Frey, you know, when you were almost about to get killed, this guy there got so livid—“

The sharp clanging of metal suddenly interrupted him. Cherubim had changed forms, and was now thrusting a blade at Raishin’s throat.

“Do you want to die?”

“Perfect. I was just thinking about paying you back for the other day.”

Both Yaya and Cherubim were charged with magic energy, assuming battle stances. The powder-keg of a situation just needed another spark for it to blow up. Frey hurriedly thrust herself between the two of them.

“Loki, don’t fight. Because, Raishin might become family one day!”

Silence suddenly returned to the room.

“Uu… Eh… Uu…?”

Looking left and right- she finally realised that they were both at a loss for words, and with a poof, steam started erupting from Frey’s ears. Her eyes spinning, she panicked.

For some reason she raised her hands over her head, then while frantically gesturing like she was summoning a demon, flew out of the ward.

“… Er, what did she just say?”

In front of a blank Raishin, something inside Yaya broke. With drops of tears beginning to form,

“As I thought, the two of you… have that. Kind. Of. Relationship…!”

The room rumbled as a mysterious earthquake suddenly hit them, bits of dust falling from the ceiling. Raishin shuddered. He didn’t really understand what was going on, but what he did know was that a killer demon in white was born!

Spurring his aching body into action, he jumped out of the window at full speed.

He frantically ran. Where and how he escaped, he didn’t know. In his desperation he had blindly ran without bothering to check his route.

When he came to his senses, he realised he was curled into a ball on top of the roof. Holding his breath, he snuck a peek below, where Yaya, who had seemingly transformed into a rampaging demon, was aimlessly searching for Raishin. He hurriedly withdrew his head back.

He felt bad doing this to Yaya, but as expected, his life was precious to him as well.

Now that he thought about it, he owed a lot to Yaya this time around as well.

For this incident, he had completely gone against his orders. However, Shouko hadn’t said a word to him. The ones who interceded on his behalf were the three sisters of the Setsugetsuka.

Just remembering how Shouko was then was enough to give him the shivers now. Shouko had just wordlessly stared at him. For five minutes straight. The silence was far more painful than had she reprimanded him. The message in her eyes was clear. “There will not be a second time.” They were warning him.

At that moment, the door behind him opened, causing Raishin’s heart to skip a beat.

“… Oh, it’s just you. Are you sure it’s ok for you to skip out on Loki like that?”

Along with her five dogs, Frey stood there, still with shock.

Noticing Raishin, she turned red again, then moved to escape from him.

… However, she stopped. Turning to face Raishin, she bowed deeply.

“I’m sorry.”

“Huh? If it’s about Yaya, then don’t worry, stuff like this happens all the time.”

“Uu… No, it’s for Loki. Loki’s the one who… shot that bullet.”

Was she was talking about the one that Yaya had gotten hit by?

Raishin closed his eyes, picturing Loki, who was still in the ward.

His arm was in a sling, he had to use crutches, and he was bandaged all over. On top of that, he had bruises and swellings in various places. The handsome features he had been born with was now all messed up.

Raishin laughed lightly, then spoke indifferently.

“If it’s about that, then I’ll definitely pay him back. At the Night Party.”

“… Are you sure? If you report him to the executive committee… Loki will be disqualified, you know?”

In retrospect, Loki’s actions had been consistent.

The Night Party was a zero-sum game where your life itself was the bet— the possibility of dying was there. To prevent her from taking on such a risk, he had tried to distance Frey as far away from the Night Party as possible. For someone as dangerous as Raishin, he decided to take matters into his own hands and remove him personally.

The feelings and thoughts he had for his elder sister was surely the same as the one Raishin had for his own sister as well.

“I lost to him once. Until I repay the favour, I can’t have him disappearing on me.”

Frey’s eyes widened, and then she looked away, embarrassed.

Wanting to escape Raishin’s line of sight, she trotted over to the edge of the rooftop.

Resting her hands on the railing, she stared at the slowly sinking sun.

Raishin stood up and walked over to her side. Frey’s face was a bright crimson, but that was probably due to the glow of the setting sun. Gazing at the evening sun, which looked like it was on fire, he softly asked her a simple question.

“Are you planning to continue in the Night Party?”

“Uu… The taboo arts are necessary, so I have to.”


“For both Loki and my heart… to return them back to normal.”

A mechanised heart, which could either stop suddenly, or had the potential to run wild. Having something like that in a person all the time was undesirable, to say the least.

However, if it could be removed from within, a replacement heart could then be inserted into the body. However, the creation of internal organs was considered taboo research.

“Are you sure you want to do it? Knowing Loki, that guy’s probably thinking the same thing as you are, you know?”

“… Because I couldn’t do anything for him as an older sister before.”

While saying that, the look on Frey’s face changed, as if her weakness had been a lie, to a sharp one.

“I will take part now. And I won’t lose to you either, Raishin.”

“Heh, excellent. We’ll settle this in the Night Party then.”

Because he couldn’t move his right arm, he extended his left instead.


Frey was surprised. She seemed to be flustered about something, her eyes going round and round in circles. After a fair amount of time of time had passed, she grasped Raishin’s hand.

Her grip was oddly forceful. And she had used both hands. Looking at the odd expression on Frey’s face, like she was desperately clinging on for dear life, Raishin couldn’t help but laugh.

The first star appeared in the evening sky.

Tonight, the Night Party would start once again—

At that moment, a voice could be heard from behind them, while their hands were still locked together.

“Rai. Shin. …!”.

An ominous rumbling could be heard.


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6 thoughts on “Epilogue – The Killer Demon in White

    • are you referring to raiden’s title as the white devil? If so, most likely not. It’s just bookends since the prologue was titled the assassin in white

  1. The feelings and thoughts he had for his elder sister was surely the same as the one —> The feelings and thoughts he had for his elder sister were surely the same as the ones
    “Rai. Shin. …!”. —> “Rai. Shin. …!”

    Thank you for translating another great volume. I look forward to volume three.

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