Chapter 3-5

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It was nine at night. Inside the disciplinary committee chairman’s office, Felix had spread several documents across the table, and was writing something with an unusually serious face.

Someone knocked on the door twice.

“Come in.”

The person who entered was Lisette. Felix grinned at her.

“Thanks for all your hard work, Liz. Do you have some business with me?”

“Raishin Akabane has contacted us to inform us that he has officially accepted our request.”

“That’s good. In that case, hand this to him tomorrow.”

He passed her the document he had just finished writing.

“What is it?”

“It’s a contract. A matter of this importance has to be handled thoroughly and properly.”

Lisette eyes widened in surprise. Browsing through the document handed to her, she saw that the contents were the same as what she had discussed with him earlier. If he defeated Cannibal Candy, then the disciplinary committee would back his push for a spot in the Night Party.

“Did you already know that he was going to accept?”

“He had no choice but to accept. At the very least, I planned it such that he would want to accept the request.”

Felix answered, his face showing that it wasn’t strange for Raishin to accept.

“Besides, since it was him, I had faith he would accept it. We’re truly lucky that he came to us at this time— it’s almost like it’s heaven’s providence.”

“Did you know about him beforehand?”

“No, this was the first time we’ve ever met. However, I did have some background knowledge.”

Turning around in his chair, he looked outside the window.

‘Did you know something interesting, Liz? The day he transferred to this academy, there was an accident involving the railroad in the city.”

“Accident? Ah— you’re referring to the derailment, aren’t you?”

“It was a small, throwaway article. Because there were only twenty people with minor injuries, there was nothing to write about.”

He was talking in a roundabout manner. But even so, Lisette could already guess what he was going to say.

“Could it be that he was on that train…?”

“Yes. He was on board it. It’s also possible that he was the main target of the derailment as well.”

Chalking it up to simple coincidence was too good to be true. In fact, it was more than lucky that he was on board.

“However, that isn’t the problem. What do you think he did during the accident?”

“… What did he do?”

“He stopped the runaway train. With his automaton.”


“For those about to take part in the Night Party, their automaton is their one and only treasure. Truthfully, the ideal scenario is to not let it suffer even a single scratch.”

A train was essentially a massive lump of matter. If an automaton was run over by one, it would be smashed to pieces.

“However, he was different. Defying the risk of his automaton being destroyed, he stopped the runaway train— saving the lives of many passengers. He did so even though he could have just chosen to escape with his automata alone.”

Felix’s smiling face turned gentle for a second.

“I thought to myself, that guy would lend me his strength.”

For a moment, a complicated look appeared on Lisette’s face, but Felix didn’t notice it.

Leaving his chair, he walked over to the window, staring out into the darkness of the night.

“We will defeat Cannibal Candy without fail. Before the Night Party starts, we will exterminate him from this academy, no matter what underhanded tactics we have to use.”

He gazed upon the veil of darkness that had descended upon the world outside.

Tonight, that dreadful beast would come out to play once again.

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