Great Revival(?)

So uh, I’ve been really busy. Yes. Thank pokemon and the steam sale and srw dark prison. Still working on umd though, don’t worry.

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13 thoughts on “Great Revival(?)

  1. Yeah, Is good to know that you hare having fun with so many games coming out or wanting to play is understandable that you can’t translate plus it not easy…… hope that you can continue at your own pace.

  2. “great revival” sounded a lot more epic than the rest of the post, but thank you for everything and for letting us read this series, you are awesome. I want to be able to follow and read this story and you are letting me do that, thank you.

      • Lazy? Looks more like whoever was working on this just found something better to do… or died, hopefully the former! Maybe they’ll come back? Maybe NanoDesu will get someone to give this LN the attention it deserves!

        To bad I can’t read any of the 12 volumes of raws I have 😦 I’m now wondering if it would just be better to simply learn Japanese…

        Who knows. Maybe he’s working on it right now?

  3. What will happen to the translation of Kikou Shoujo Wa Kizutsukanai? Will it continue on a slow pace or will it stop? A lot of people is waiting for the translation to be done, so I hope you can continue the usual pace.
    This project will be pointless if it were to stop right now. Yaya will be sad…
    Hardship, time, people who impatiently/patiently waiting for the translation to be done, and love for Yaya.

    Please do not let Yaya cry anymore.

    • Yea guys, cut it out with the whining, at least we’re still getting updates!!! And someone tell me where these updates we’re getting are… <.<


    • I know but I was just saying if it were to stopped then Yaya will cry. What I meant was not to stop this project. It’s alright if it is slow rather than nothing. I thank for those people who use their precious time translating the project for people like us.

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