Chapter 1-3

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The Night Party executive committee was located on the 3rd floor of the great hall.

Decision making in the committee was done by three people; a professors’ representative, a student’s representative, and the director of the academy. To prevent the adults from influencing the process excessively, the student was appointed president of the committee to balance the power distribution.

And right now, a meeting was about to take place in a small hall.

In one corner of the hall, the professors’ representative was having a friendly chat with his assistant. A scarlet carpet ran across the floor, and wine red curtains hung from the walls. A large Victorian style round table was set in the centre. There were four chairs placed around it, and the president of the student body was already seated in one of them.

A triangular prism made of marble had the words “President Cedric Granville” inscribed upon it.

That was the name of the youth sitting in the chair. With a small body and slender frame, he looked almost like a girl instead. The air he gave off was one of aristocractic lineage. Crossing his legs elegantly, he was sipping black tea from a china cup.

The old doors opened, revealing a lone girl walking in.

Her features were plain and didn’t give any sort of lasting impression. However, there was a white dove resting on her shoulder, which made her stand out a little.

The youth placed his cup down, and beckoned the girl over towards him.

“Ah, you’ve returned, Ravena. I have a tidbit I’m certain you’ll find interesting. It’s regarding Second Last― it seems that somehow, he is dead set on searching for Charlottle Belew.”

Lowering his voice, he spoke softly such that only the girl could hear.

“It’s such a tear-jerker, really. A person so heavily injured working himself to the bone for the sake of a girl, who’s an ‘enemy’ he’ll have to face eventually in the Night Party. I must say, the T-Rex is unexpectedly popular.”

The girl’s shoulders trembled violently, and she glared wordlesly at the youth.

“You’re not allowed to go near him.”

The girl’s eyes widened. It looked like the youth’s decision was extremely hard for her to accept.

“You understand, right? I’ve already said if you wander off halfway I’ll be very displeased.”

The youth grinned at her cheerily, but there was venom laced in that smile as he spoke.

“I mean, you’re already in trouble, you know? The forty hours we agreed upon is already up. And because of your idiotic failure, the situation has now taken a turn for the worse.”

The girl bit her lip, her stare wavering as she hesitated.

The youth chuckled lightly, then snapped his fingers.

In that instant, the girl’s body began to change.

Her hair and skin began to shed like the petals of a flower, revealing a new, fresher colour underneath.

Her hair shone with a gold colour, and her skin became dazzingly white.

The dove on her shoulder began to morph into the shape of a steel coloured dragon.

Noticing the change, the professor looked over in her direction. The youth wore a surprised look on his face as he stared at the girl as well. There was only one route left to her. The girl hurriedly jumped out of the window.

Riding atop the huge dragon, she vanished upwards into the sky.

If anyone were to see her disappearing figure, they would without a doubt say that it was that of Charlotte Belew.

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