Chapter 2-7

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Give a moment of your time, or so the handsome lad had said.

At first glance, Raishin didn’t feel any ill intentions coming from him. He was smiling, and the figure of his automata was nowhere to be found.

Raishin glanced at his left arm. He wore an arm band laced with gold that sparkled, catching his eye.

The letters ‘Censor’ had been embroidered on with a refined calligraphic script. In other words, he was part of the discipline committee.

Also, he was wearing a white glove with gold thread embroidery.

In short, this person was also someone who was qualified to participate in the upcoming Night Party.

A discipline committee member with excellent grades. Raishin couldn’t think of a reason to doubt him.

“Rather than stand here and talk, why don’t we head inside? Unless I’m mistaken, you were in the middle of lunch, correct?”

The handsome lad pointed to the cafeteria with a smile on his face. He was trying to get Raishin to relax— or to put it in another way; his smiling was tempting him to let his guard down. His malice free manner could prove to be poison in the form of gentleness. Raishin remained cautious, but since he didn’t have a reason to turn him down, he followed him back into the cafeteria. Yaya followed quickly after him.

Entering into the cafeteria, the students started to buzz. In particular, the numbers of female gazes directed at him were exceptionally large. He was used to being stared at, but this was his first time being stared at positively.


Back at his table, Charl’s head bounced up. Although her face wasn’t particularly dirty, she hurriedly dabbed a paper napkin to her mouth.

The handsome lad cheerily grinned at her,

“Hey there, Charl. May I join you?”

“N-n-no, obviously you c-can’t!”

“That’s so cold. And how cruel of you. All this time I’ve been asking and you haven’t given me so much as a ‘yes’, but here I find you sitting with him so readily.”

“Th-that is because he just did as he pleased— do you have any business with me?”

“I would like for you to go out on a date with me.”

“I r-r-refuse. I s-s-strongly decline. W-w-why me anyway?”

“Just kidding, of course—not really, but today I’m here because of a different reason.”

His smooth golden hair fluttered as he turned to face Raishin.

“I have something to discuss with you, Raishin Akabane.”

Charl and Yaya stiffened in shock. Then they slowly glanced over at Raishin timidly. From the expression on their faces it was clear they had jumped to some weird conclusion.

Raishin remained silently in his seat, putting some cold pork into his mouth.

It had gone cold, but it hadn’t turned hard yet. Enjoying the flavour of the meat juices mixed with the sauce, he chewed and swallowed. After taking his time to do so,

“If you’re asking me for a date, are you sure you’re good enough?”

“Come now, don’t say that. I assure you I’m the sort who won’t bore you.”

“I’m surprised. What could a member of the Rounds, as well as a vital cornerstone of the academy’s autonomy— Head of the disciplinary committee Felix Kingsfort possibly want from me, someone who’s Second Last?”

“I’m the one who should be surprised, since you know so much about my existence. Were you planning to target me after Charl?”

The atmosphere became strained.

Felix was smiling as usual, and his voice had no trace of hostility, but the tension was broadcasted throughout the cafeteria, causing the commotion caused by the students to stop in an instant.

The first to break the tension was Felix.

“Won’t you work with me?”

With a carefree expression, he abruptly posed the question to Raishin.

“Hmm, rather than saying work with me, consider it a request. Not as an individual, but as the head of the disciplinary committee.”

“I refuse.”

Felix chuckled.

“I see. So you’re the type that makes swift decisions, Raishin. However, won’t you at least take some time to think this over? At least let me explain the situation.”

“That won’t be necessary. I don’t wish to gain any more partners than I already have.”

“Not even if we were to offer you—“

Irritatingly, he deliberately took his time to finish his sentence.

“—an entry qualification to the Night Party?”

Raishin’s fork stopped moving.

An entry qualification to the Night Party. Something Raishin had to obtain at all cost.

As their gazes met, a stifling silence descended.

Was this a devil’s invitation, or perhaps something else…?

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