Chapter 1-6

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Raishin was in his room, undergoing strict “interrogation” from Yaya.

At the same time as that was happening, something else was going on. Inside the academy, there was a waiting room built into its solid gate. Inside, a solitary nobleman was relaxing on a sofa.

He had a long and slender body. His knowledgeable countenance gave him the look of a researcher.

The nobleman lifted his cup of red tea, and looking out of the window, gazed at the sunset.

“… This place hasn’t changed a bit.”

Looking like a sword thrust into the ground, he stared at the silhouette of the clock tower.

“It’s the same as last time— rotting away.”

At that moment, a knock on the door could be heard.

A lone girl being escorted by a security personnel stepped into the room.

It was a female student with pearl hair. Behind her, a wolf dog automaton followed.

“Uu… you called… for me, father…?”

It was a voice barely louder than a whisper. She didn’t look at the nobleman as she spoke, but kept her eyes firmly on her own feet.

The nobleman gave a warm smile, stood up, and beckoned the girl to come closer.

“Don’t be so stiff, Frey. I just came to see the current situation.”


“Finally, the Night Party is going to start tomorrow, right?”

Frey drew her body back in surprise. The nobleman placed a hand on her shoulder and said,

“I have high hopes for you.”

“Me…? Not Loki…?”

“He is special. Comparing yourself to him would only lower your self-confidence, and it would be a foolish thing to do. I understand your abilities better than anyone else. I also know how hard you’ve been working.”

Frey looked up at the nobleman uneasily. Her face was troubled, hesitant on whether to believe those words.

“Your living expenses seem fine. If you think it isn’t enough though, you can always tell me. … Ah yes, I have a present for you.”

Reaching into the breast pocket of his suit, he pulled out a photo.

In the photo, there were 10 dogs. They were all different breeds, a hound and a terrier being 2 of the types inside, but they all wore the same armour.

On seeing the photo, at first, the tension on Frey’s face vanished.

However, her expression soon clouded over.

“Uu… Then, father…. About the promise…?”

“Of course I remember it. Don’t worry, all you have to do is complete your mission. If the tests prove successful, you’ll be able to live with everyone again.”

“… Yes, father. Thank you for the photograph.”

The lost look in the girl’s red pupils was all but gone now.

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