Chapter 4-3

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Yaya’s face turned a ghastly shade of white as she watched the two of them depart with their hands intertwined.

The tree she was leaning on let out a creak. The next moment, she had crushed the tree like it was made of tofu, splitting it into two.

Staggering like a zombie, she made her way towards the gate.

“Wait, Yaya.”

Biting on to her black hair, Sigmund yanked her back.

“Let go. Let go of me!”

“Did you forget? Automaton from the academy cannot venture out into the city.”

He nodded his head in the direction of the prison-like gates.

“Look. Campus security is already starting to target you.”

Like he said, there were things gleaming within the eyeports.

It was the cold flash of steel. It was obvious they had already trained their sights on her.

“I’ve heard the campus security here has some graduates on their payroll. So not only would you have to contend with rifles, you would also be up against puppeteers. I can guarantee you’ll end up being destroyed.”


“Think carefully. If you kick up a fuss here, it will only cause problems for your master.”

It was a blow more effective than an actual bullet.

Yaya flinched, sinking to the floor.

With both hands covering her eyes, she began to weep.

“Don’t cry. Why don’t you have a little more faith in your master?”

“Uu… faith…?”

“I have lived for close to 150 years now. I have observed many men in that time, and I can tell you there was no sign of lust in his eyes. He isn’t going after Charl.”

“… Really?”

“Although, men of that age are usually pretty promiscuous— that is a fact of life.”

Yaya began to cry again. Strangely, her tears seemed to crystallise in a blink of an eye, falling to the earth with a clink.

“Oh boy… the way you’re acting up means this matter is on an entirely different level from simple fidelity to you, huh?”

Sigmund was dumbfounded. Landing in front of her, he started to talk like he was lecturing a novice.

“We are different from humans. Even if you look the same, have the same functions, have as little difference to them as possible— it doesn’t change the fact that you will never be human.”

“Yaya… already knows that… “

“Automaton run on a magic energy supplied to them from their controllers. You could say the relationship between them is like a mother and child. It’s extremely natural for automata to grow fond of their owners… but I think you’re taking it too far. Why are you so persistent when it comes to him?”

“That’s… well… i-it’s s-something I can’t speak about.”

Fidgeting in embarrassment, she started tracing circles in the ground. That action was extremely human-like.

“Does it have something to with his goal?”


“Who is he exactly? Why is he so fixated on the Night Party?”


“Attacking us wasn’t his true intention. But if he was willing to go that far, it means there has to be a reason why he’s obsessed with the Night Party. What is it? It doesn’t seem like he’s motivated by ambition or self-interest.”

‘I can’t go into details, but…”

She hesitated for a second. Then she solemnly muttered.

“Raishin is out for revenge.”

“Hmm…at any rate, the both of us are currently without our masters.”

Flapping his wings, Sigmund landed atop Yaya’s head.

“That means we have to watch out for Cannibal Candy, or else—“


As the darkness of night around them suddenly grew deeper, Sigmund’s eyes lit up like a cat’s.

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