Chapter 5-1

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At eight in the evening, Raishin made his way down to the field of battle.

With having to call Shouko in secret and compiling the report he was already behind on, he ended up being completely late. Frey was nowhere to be seen. Checking in with the executive committee member in charge, it seemed like Frey had yet to show up.

The students in the gallery looked bored since the fight hadn’t started yet.

An hour passed and still no one showed up.

“It looks like our opponent isn’t coming today.”

Next to him, Yaya spoke while pressing her hands against her chest.

“We should go back. You’re still not in best shape after all.”

They had been on stage for an hour. In accordance with the guidelines, Raishin had fulfilled the duty required of him. The executive committee member recognised this, and at last, he could return back to the dormitory.

However, Raishin didn’t move, staring intently at a stone pillar instead.


“Frey aside— The 87th seat avoided us both yesterday and today.”

“It’s definitely because he’s scared of Raishin.”

Yaya happily said. However, Raishin had a difficult look on his face as he sank deep into thought.

“Not good. This is becoming quite the pickle.”

“What do you mean?”

“If it was just yesterday, it would mean the 87th seat was working alone. However, since the 86th seat didn’t appear today as well…”


‘Well, ultimately the one in control tonight is the 86th seat. For the 87th seat to go about preparing some form of sabotage with confidence, he would have to know that the 86th seat wasn’t appearing tonight. To choose to exempt himself from appearing on the field of battle, it would signify the 86th seat was abandoning the fight against a stronger opponent.”

“So, the two of them are accomplices…?”

“It looks like it. Furthermore, since the 86th seat didn’t show up tonight…”

Yaya understood. With both hands covering her mouth, she looked shocked.

“Tomorrow, there will be three of them—!”

“It is quite possible this might stretch a lot further than just three people.”

If Raishin had to guess, they were most likely accumulating comrades to cut their way through the Night Party.

From the 97th seat onwards, Frey had triumphed in one-on-one fights. Loki was much stronger than Frey, and Raishin was the dark horse. For the current class of Night Party participants, these three were extremely strong foes to go up against.

Now the only question was whether they had decided to co-operate on the spur of the moment, or whether the collusion had taken place in advance.

“The road ahead looks like it’s going to be quite scary. However, there are also favourable points.”

“Eh, favourable points?”

“Time to return to the dorm. Let’s go, Yaya.”

“Ok, but what are we going to do for tomorrow’s Night Party? Do you have a plan in mind?”

“We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it. Before we worry about tomorrow though, we should worry about tonight.”

Yaya gulped, coming to a stop. She felt a horrible premonition. Her vision wavered, before slowing looking up at Raishin.

Raishin laughed fearlessly while nodding,

“Tonight, we’re going to catch a shark.”

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