Chapter 1-4

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“This is it.”

In the direction that Charl’s finger was pointing, there was an old-fashioned building that brought to mind an ancient tortoise.

The building was constructed out of stone, and most of the edges had been worn smooth by time. Countless fallen pieces of sculptures lying about gave the place an aged feel.

“What’s with that vacant look? You’re really such a dullard. Let’s hurry up and go.”

Didn’t you say you weren’t going to help?

… Those words had reached as far as his throat, but then he remembered, the tongue is the root of all evil. Keeping his remark to himself, and trying his best not to look behind him as much as possible, he chased after Charl. And following behind him, emitting a ghostly black aura, was Yaya.

As they entered the building, cries of panic could be heard.

As expected from a famous person. The lobby was filled with peaceful and quiet students, but once they caught sight of Charl’s face, all calm was lost. There were even people who twisted their backs and slid off benches in panic.

The rest of the people were struck speechless. The gazes fell upon Raishin, the hero from the “Cannibal Candy” incident. Naturally, the sea of students parted, seeing as they were dangerous people.

Awkward as it was, Charl and the other two began asking around. They went to the laboratory that Frey was supposed to be in, and catching some of the students inside, they started to investigate her situation.

“I-I’ve never talked to her. She’s anti-social, and never smiles…”

“S-she’s always staying behind to study till very late.”

“R-r-relationship with her? S-s-sorry, I don’t know anything!”

“Her chest is really big~”

And so forth. In the end, none of them had any helpful information at all.

Charl was glaring at Raishin with half closed eyes.

“What the hell? Did you think I wanted to hear something so useless?”

“Don’t say that to me. Say that to people when we’re asking them questions.”

As rumoured, Frey was bad at making friends. Or rather, she avoided people. Out of the information they had collected, what stood out was that she was a shy girl who studied zealously on her own. Even with that attitude, because of her dazzling appearance, she naturally stood out, making her a pitiful character.

(In a way, she does resemble someone…)

Raishin’s gaze fell upon Charl, and she started acting suspiciously.

“Wh- what are you staring at? Pervert.”

“I think it’d be faster if we went and asked her homeroom professor. Let’s go try that instead.”

“… Hey.”

It was a timid voice. Charl was strangely fidgeting nervously, and she wasn’t looking Raishin in the eye.

Yaya was probably jumping to weird conclusions, because the light in her eyes was fading fast.

Honestly speaking, he was getting a really bad feeling about what was to come. Raishin braced himself.

“… What now?”

“You… do you really… like them big after all?”

“Like what big?”

“Are you stupid? Has your brain tissue rotted away? Read the context. Really, if I’d known you were such an idiot I wouldn’t have asked in the first place!”

“Ok, ok. I would appreciate it if you’d be so kind as to explain it to my stupid self, my lady.”

“Mm… Obviously we’re talking about the chest!”

Charl’s face was red all the way to the tips of her ears.

Yaya’s pupils were now void of light, as black as a bottomless lake.

Why had she suddenly brought this up?

Could it be that she wanted to hear a guy’s opinion on the matter?

In any case, there’s was no doubt that Charl had an inferiority complex when it came to that area. Raishin stole a quick peek at Charl’s chest, before deciding to go with a safe answer.

“I think if I really liked someone, then the chest size wouldn’t matter to me at all.”

“I-is that so?”

“That’s a lie. Raishin really likes big and bouncy breasts, much like Frey’s.”

Yaya chimed in, and the smile on Charl’s face vanished instantly. The edges of her eyes turned up, and countless veins starting popping on her forehead.

“Unfaithful cheater! Indecent man! Those who judge a woman’s value by the size of her chest are the lowest forms of existence! So much for ‘I want to know about her situation’! You were just lured by her chest, you pervert!”

There was a loud smack, and Raishin’s cheek turned red.

Charl marched off in a huff. Sigmund, who was resting atop her beret, turned around. Raishin couldn’t understand the expression on the dragon’s face, but somehow, it looked like he was giving Raishin a sympathetic look.

Rubbing his swollen cheek, Raishin turned towards Yaya.



“I feel like my chest is dyed with this deep blackness. I wonder, what is this extremely dark feeling I’m having in my heart right now?”

“But…! That vixen was making weird eyes at you…!”

“Like hell she was! She was just discussing her troubles with me!”

“Idiot. Raishin is an idiot!”

The two of them were making a fuss in the hallway of the history faculty.

Suddenly, from above their heads, the solemn peals of a bell floated down.

“Raishin… That’s the bell signalling the start of classes.”

Raishin turned pale, and then dashed out of the history faculty.

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2 thoughts on “Chapter 1-4

  1. and she started acting suspiciously. –> and she started getting suspicious.
    Quite a common expression error among translations in general. “Acting suspiciously” would imply that her behaviour was shifty

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