Chapter 2-6

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Asking her whether she wanted anything to drink, Komurasaki replied “Milk!”

They were inside Raishin’s room. Grinning happily, Komurasaki was looking around it.

Her face resembled Yaya’s. She was breathtakingly beautiful- although the way she was built gave her more of a cute feel rather than beautiful. With a carefree expression on her face and red hair tied up in pigtails, compared to Yaya she looked more of a kid. Kicking her legs about, with a happy expression on her face as she waited for her milk, she looked like a cute kitten.

His chest strangely hurt. Perhaps it was from that thing earlier, but his childhood memories were also weighing heavily on him.

Taking the milk that was served for breakfast in the cafeteria that morning, he warmed it up and gave it to her.

“You’ve grown bigger, haven’t you?”

“Tee hee, was it that obvious? Wanna touch them?”

“Don’t strip! I’m not talking about your chest; I’m talking about your height!”

“The cell division finally settled down, and just like my design planned, to maintain the balance I grew taller!”

‘Wow. I don’t really get it, but I guess you’ll soon be comparable to Yaya.”

“If Raishin fondles them, I’m sure they’ll be bigger than sis’s <3”

“Stop talking about your chest! Height! We’re talking about your height!”

“If you’re talking about my height, then because I’ve already entered my stable period, I won’t be able to grow any further.”

“Stable period?”

“Adult stuff. Ahh, now even I can become Raishin’s bride <3”

“Ahaha, Komurasaki is so playful, ahaha. Your big sis has something to say to you. Come sit by her side, Ko-mu-ra-sa-ki-!”

Yaya was hammering a spot on the tatami mat covering the raised seating area.

“Stop that, Yaya. After I went to all that trouble getting that installed, you’re going to destroy it.”

“That’s right~ If you continue to be so violent, Raishin will hate you!”

Like she had just gotten hit by an attack, Yaya stiffened in shock.

“No way… Raishin… would hate… Yaya…?!”

Another bothersome situation was developing again. Raishin felt a headache coming on, but first he decided to ignore her, and turned towards Komurasaki.

“So, what did Shouko say?”

“You wanted to know more about a person called Frey, right?”

“Yeah- wait, I only made that call this morning. Is the investigation already finished?”

“Raishin, you’re going to be busy with the Night Party tonight, right? Because of that, we moved quickly.”

She said it like it was no big deal. However, there was no way anyone could be that fast. For reasons yet unknown to Raishin, it looked like the army had already conducted an investigation on Frey.

Komurasaki wasn’t here because of Raishin’s request.

Most likely, she was here for another reason.

Before Raishin had issued an SOS, was Shouko already checking up on Frey’s background?

“For you to come down all the way here, it means that you’re going to put that power of yours to some use. In other words- There’s somewhere I have to go to, right?”

“Wow, Raishin, you’re good~“

Komurasaki grinned at him with an air of innocence.

“The military doesn’t have a complete picture just yet. But, if we go there, you’ll be able to find out about Frey, and the army will discover what it wants to know.”

The army was making use of Raishin to sneak into D-Works and search around. Perhaps it even had something to do with British army secrets.

In the front of Raishin’s mind, the image of Rabi earlier surfaced. A ferocious face with his fangs bared. And that rampage he was on. There was something going on with that canine automaton.

“The point being, this is an order from the military, right? I got it. Let’s go.”

“Please wait, Raishin. There’s barely half a day left before the Night Party starts!”

Yaya worriedly interjected. Raishin laughed,

“I am the military’s dog. My original purpose in coming here was espionage. That was the kind of deal I agreed upon right?”

“But… No. I understand.”

She nodded, the anxiety in her voice gone. Yaya had a firm look in her eyes as she said,

“I will follow you, Raishin. No matter where you go, even if it’s into the bath.”

“Don’t come in when I’m bathing.”

“Ah, sis, you can’t come~”

Holding on to the mug in her hands, Komurasaki spoke.

“This time~ the only people allowed to go are me and Raishin, just the two of us.”

“No… no way!”

“Ok then, let’s go~!”

Putting down the mug, Komurasaki clung to Raishin’s arm. It was like a little sister fawning on an elder brother, and of course, Yaya wasn’t going to let the whole thing slide by silently.

“Wa-wa, wait Raishin! Yaya is also going!”

“You can’t. Think about it. If the school learns that you’d been outside of campus, the British government would confiscate you. We might never meet again. That’s something I wouldn’t want.”

“Raishin… you actually think about Yaya in that way… <3”

“Also, Shouko’s orders.”

Something snapped.

“Shouko again, Shouko, Shouko….! If Shouko told you to die, would you die as well!?”

“Idiot, why are you acting like… What’s wrong?”

“Don’t make me worry about you~”

Yaya was half crying and half angry. Raishin placed his hand on her head, and she fell silent.

Like he used to do with his little sister, Raishin ruffled her hair while gently speaking.

“I’ll be back soon, so be a good girl and wait patiently. Ok?”

“Y-yes… <3”

The expression on her face was a complete 180 from just now. With slightly coloured cheeks, Yaya nodded in a good mood.

“Let’s go, Komurasaki.”

“O-K~ Then, I’m borrowing Raishin for a bit. I’ll be sure to get my fill of him completely!”

Her line was clearly designed to provoke a response, and Yaya’s pupils began to open wide.

“Do you have enough magical energy to completely conceal the both of us?”

“Don’t worry, I’m pretty strong. Not only will this hide us from sight, it will also seal off any sound we make and even seal off any smell we give off.”

“So, it fools the eyes, ears, and nose. That’s ridiculously secure.”

“To a normal human, we’d be completely hidden. Even if we were to do naughty things right now, sis would never be able to find out <3”

Yaya was opening and closing her mouth like a goldfish. Tears were fast appearing in her eyes, and her shoulders were trembling. After all the things he had done to improve her mood, it was now gone to waste.

“Wait… Yaya. You understand she’s joking right? It’s just an example, ok?”


It was time to leave. Gathering his magical energy, he allowed it to flow through Komurasaki’s back.

The magic circuit, Yaegasumi (1), activated. Although he didn’t understood how it worked, as long as he left it to Komurasaki, the magic art would activate with no problems. This was one of the good parts about Machinart.

Subsequently, from Yaya’s view, Raishin had vanished.

“Now then, let’s go~!”

Komurasaki’s voice also went unheard by Yaya. Of course, the effect continued even after they left the room. Passing by several students, not even a single one noticed the both of them. Not even the slightest hint of sight, sound, nor smell were present.

Careful not to bump into any of the students, they walked down the hallway, and exited out of the dormitory.

While walking, Komurasaki let out a giggle.

“Raishin, you really are such a nice person~”

“What are you saying all of a sudden… I’m not nice at all. In fact I’m a pretty heartless fellow. I’m just a bastard using Yaya for the sake of revenge.”

“Hee hee.”

Komurasaki continued to laugh for some reason. The profile on her face somehow seemed to have a happy expression on it.

“So, where are we headed to?”

“Let’s see… The orphanage!”


And then, Komurasaki said clearly.

“It’s Frey’s “home”!”

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Translation Notes:

1: Eightfold Mist

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