Chapter 6-5

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Raishin wandered around the medical faculty with unsteady steps. Yaya followed after him reservedly, but Raishin just ignored her, and somewhere along the way she disappeared from his sight.

This went on for quite a while. By the time he noticed his surroundings, he was standing in front of the doctor’s office.

The office was deserted. Perhaps it was due to the all-nighter he had pulled the previous night, but Cruel was lying on the sofa in a deep sleep. The female students from the medical team had already left, and Kimberly was nowhere to be found either.

Seeing an empty bed gave him a shock.

Frey was supposed to be sleeping on it, but she wasn’t there now. Hurriedly dashing inside, on the opposite side of the door to the treatment room a pearl coloured tail- Frey’s hair came into view.

Her white skin was covered up with bandages in various places. Several band-aids had been plastered onto her as well.

Frey was staring intently at Rabi’s bed. The bridge of his nose was wrinkled slightly, his whiskers occasionally twitching as he lay exhausted on it.

“Are you sure it’s ok for you to be up so soon?”

She whipped her head back in surprise. Her frightened eyes were horribly bloodshot.

“Uu… I could say the same for you.”

“In the words of Professor Kimberly, I’m more cockroach than human.”

It was meant as a joke, but Frey didn’t laugh.

She looked totally haggard. Not knowing what was the best thing to do, Raishin spoke.

“Shouko is the world’s greatest puppet maker. So, she, I mean…”

She’ll definitely save him— he wanted to say something along those lines, but he couldn’t just irresponsibly assume that it would be so.
The life and death of any living creature was something that, no matter how much humans devoted their energy to, or how many techniques or arts they developed, they had no control over. Two years ago, Raishin had learned the truth of this statement.

Therefore. . .

“… It would be great if she could help, you know?”

Was all he could say. Frey silently nodded in agreement.

“Once he gets better, you should let Charl touch him. That girl seems to like dogs somewhat.”

“The T-Rex…?”

“She’s called that, but she really isn’t that bad of a person. She’s just a little dishonest with herself sometimes. She just has no friends because of various misunderstandings she keeps getting into.”

“… So she’s like me.”

Gently caressing the back of Rabi’s neck, Frey quietly murmured.

“But, I wasn’t lonely… Because Rabi was my family.”

“… Was Yomi your family as well?”

“Yomi… she was like my second mother.”


“… Sorry. I—“

“No… It’s because I was weak…!”

Tightly closing her eyelids, transparent tears flowed down her face.

“The truth is, I… I was supposed to be on stage then… But I, I was scared… I cried… so I stepped down… and because of that, my mother, she…”

Frey had suddenly become agitated.

He didn’t know whether he should say something to her. Regardless, Frey pressed on,

“That’s why, Loki… hates me. Because I’m weak… and useless, I bring misfortune to others… cause death, and can’t protect anyone… If I was a little more… capable, then Loki… wouldn’t have to become the controller… of Cherubim…”

Sobbing heavily while talking, it was hard for Raishin to make sense of what she was saying. Furthermore, he didn’t really understand most of it. However, the words that followed were like a sharp knife, cutting deep into Raishin’s chest.

“Sorry Rabi… I’m so sorry… I couldn’t… protect everyone…”

I couldn’t protect everyone. The meaning of those words was abundantly clear to Raishin.

He knew the reason why Frey was participating in the Night Party. If development of the Garm circuit was frozen, then those dogs in the shed— Frey’s family, would be disposed of.

“Because of my weakness… everyone… is dead…. I’m sorry… mother… I’m sorry… everyone… I’m sorry… Rabi…!”

It was more than Raishin could bear. Frey was clinging onto Rabi, choked with tears.

Her words, tears, and their implications rooted Raishin to the spot.

D-Works. Bronson.

Frey being a guinea pig. The children who, after they had perished, were then converted into “parts”.

Taking hostages to spur Frey into action, forcing her to take part in the Night Party against her will.

Frey wasn’t the one responsible for causing Rabi to be at death’s door, neither was she responsible for her near fatal wounds.

But even so—

Frey was the one crying now. The one bearing responsibility, the one who bore the guilt, the one who was miserable and sad.

He wanted to hug her, but his motionless right arm told him he wouldn’t be able to.

So then, he shouted like he was giving an order instead.

“You’re wrong!”

Surprised, Frey turned back to look at him.

“… You haven’t done anything wrong. Nothing. Not a damn thing.”

Raishin turned his face away, and like he was trying to escape from something, exited out of the doctor’s office.

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