{Indefinite Hiatus/Inactive Project}

This project is in indefinite hiatus. This means that for unforeseen reasons, the translator leading this project is unable to continue, and we are not recruiting for another translator to continue this project. This status may change in the future, but for now we unfortunately are not planning to continue translating this series in any capacity.

Current Progress: Volume 3 Chapter 6-1 completed (Last Updated 1st March 2014)

PDF/Epub Progress: Volume 1-2 PDF uploaded, Volume 1 Epub uploaded.

And now for something entirely different…

I’m quitting. Nope, this is not a joke. I’m leaving ND for several reasons. There isn’t going to be any drama or whatever because this is an amicable split. It’s two people with creative differences who feel that it’s best for everyone that I step away from the group.
What does this mean for umd though?

Simple: Life goes on, as it always has. Nano will find someone new to take over this translation, and I will continue UMD at my own pace, but separate from ND.

It’s been a fun ride, but now it’s time to go.


Au revoir.

Great Revival(?)

So uh, I’ve been really busy. Yes. Thank pokemon and the steam sale and srw dark prison. Still working on umd though, don’t worry.

Short Break

Some of you probably noticed this already: Hayashi, our translator, is currently taking a break, so there will be no updates for a while.

Don’t worry though: the translation will resume as soon as the translator returns.


– Whitesora

Volume 2 ePub is out

Hi everyone, Kikou Shoujo volume 2 is now out in ePub format! Enjoy!


– Whitesora

Unbreakable Machine Doll – 1

Well ladies and gentlemen, the anime has finally dawned upon us. And hoo boy, I can’t tell you how much fun it was to see the LN in all its animated glory. But before we go into the review proper, I have noted the anime site has been updated with the cast list. The most interesting thing is Cedric Granville, Shin, and Henriette are listed inside. Which means the anime will cover the events of volume 3 as well.


Also, this review MAY CONTAIN INADVERTENT SPOILERS. If you haven’t read all the way till the end of volume 1 at least, you might be spoiled. Tremendously.


Consider yourself warned by Charlotte!



Volume 1 ePub is out

To all those waiting for it, volume 1 is now out in ePub format! Enjoy!

Vol 1 Insert

– Whitesora

New Banners

Hey guys, we have  new Kikou Shoujo Banners! Credits to Koa and Yarn.