Chapter 2-2

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The moment something touched his back, his body moved like clockwork.

He was still half asleep, but his body moved on reflex to pin the intruder.

Locking in an arm lock, he pushed the intruder down against his bed. In this position, no matter how strong the opponent was, he wouldn’t be able to move easily. If worse came to worse, he could easily dislocate the shoulder.

The arm was slim. The skin he was touching didn’t feel like a man’s. He could smell a light and nice scent from the hair. The darkness made it impossible to see the figure, but it looked like it was a girl.


“Dammit, Yaya! How many times must I tell you not to sneak into my bed!”

“Raishin!? A night attack?! Is it the vixen!?”

At Raishin’s voice, Yaya came flying over. … From the opposite bed.

“… Huh?”

So then, who was the girl in Raishin’s death grip, tapping in pain?

“Wait just a moment Raishin! I’m getting a light now!”

“Wait, Yaya. Don’t bring the light here-“

Before he could finish, the lamp had been lit.

The red light from the fire in the lamp cast a shadow on two things.

In tears from the pain of the submission hold, there was a maiden with pearl hair.

Pacing back and forth nervously, there was a wolf dog in black fur.

Yaya dropped the lamp in her hands. A small ember caught the edge of the bed, singeing it slightly, but no one said a word.

Breaking the heavy silence, Yaya spoke first.

“What is the meaning of this, Raishin…? You won’t let Yaya into your bed… but you let other women share it with you… and even press them down on it…!”

“Waitwaitwait! How can you even jump to that sort of conclusion?!”

Yaya’s black hair was wriggling about. Her eyes were wide open. The light coming from the lamp on the floor illuminated her pretty face, making her look like a vengeful apparition. It was a terrifying sight.

“Calm down! This is just another assassination attempt. Try to remember. Even you would try to sneak into my bed to kill me the first few times— huh?”

Something hard was pressing up against his knee. Spotting “something” on her waist, Raishin was violently relieved. Snatching that away, he held it up for Yaya to see.

“Look Yaya! This girl was carrying a knife on her. It was an assassination attempt after all! That’s why she sneaked in here!”

“Uu… That knife…”

Half in tears, but with a strong voice Frey managed to say something- something unnecessary.

“If you rejected my confession… I was going to slit my throat with it…”

“Don’t lie! Even as a joke, that’s going too far!”

Large drops of tears were falling as Yaya began to sniffle.

“Wa… wait a minute, ok? This is a trap worthy of Zhuge Liang… ok?”

A moment later, an ear-splitting wail of anguish echoed throughout the tortoise shaped dormitories deep in the middle of the night.

“Shut the hell up Raishin! Just what time do you think it is?!”

Barely a few minutes had passed before a man in a night-cap came flying in.

His consciousness fading, Raishin was extremely glad for the boarding master’s prompt arrival.

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