Cast details

Like I mentioned earlier, there is a killer cast of seiyuu onboard the upcoming anime. The official site has been updated with more cast details, so here they are.


Raishin – Shimono Hiro


Yaya – Harada Hitomi


Charlotte – Takamoto Megumi, Sigmund – Jouji Nakata


Frey – Asumi Kana


Loki – Okamoto Nobuhiko


Kimberly – Itou Shizuka


Shouko – Yukana


Irori – Kayano Ai


Komurasaki – Ogura Yui


Holy mother of pearl those are some serious seiyuu. ALSO, KANA HANAZAWA AND TAKAHIRO SAKURAI ARE IN THIS. Cancel ALL your fall plans, watch this show.

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4 thoughts on “Cast details

  1. Something tells me Harada Hitomi will be doing another Himeji Mizuki with Yaya… Not that I’m complaining 🙂

    • It’s a matter of personal preference. I for one prefer the LN illustrations except anime Charl. She looks spot on. Can’t comment on the manga cos I don’t read it

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