2nd PV for UMD anime

I see no sign of henriette. This probably means the anime’s source material will stop at volume 2.

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4 thoughts on “2nd PV for UMD anime

  1. I have next to no idea whats going on in the story except for like two manga chapters I read years ago – You could say I’m saving everything up for the novel. The trailer looked interesting, style kind of reminded me of the OreShura anime adaption. As for Yaya’s voice… While I don’t dislike Himeji’s seiyuu I think they made her a tad too cute…

    P.S.: How many chapters does volume one consist of? And keep up the good work, I bet a bunch of people are waiting for your release ^^.

    • 7 + prologue and epilogue so 9 in total. Personally I think the LN artwork is nicer, but I can see how it wouldn’t work in anime form… probably. Still gonna watch it though.

      • the anime seems to be going for its own art style. It doesn’t look like the LN’s or manga’s.

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