Cast members for UMD announced!

Raishin – Shimono Hiro

Yaya – Harada Hitomi

Charlotte – Takamoto Megumi

Sigmund – Nakata Jouji

Frey – Asumi Kana

Loki – Okamoto Nobuhiko


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE LET NAKATA DO HIS SOL BADGUY VOICE FOR SIGMUND. Also, Raishin and Yaya are voiced by Akihisa and Himeji from baka testo. This should be interesting, to say the least. The anime is set for a fall release, so it won’t air during this (summer) block.


Chapter 2 of volume 1 has been updated to 3/7 as of now. If you check back in a couple of days it might mysteriously complete itself.

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